Pussies, Dicks and Assholes. My friends. The human race, we are big, big dicks.." an age Like Cemment N em dent Ferget the pussies and assholes 46 minutes age I pussies Dicks assholes
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Pussies, Dicks and Assholes

My friends

The human race, we are big, big dicks.."
an age Like Cemment
N em dent Ferget the pussies and assholes
46 minutes age I Like
ms the dicks are always : uck up the pussies assholes
45 minutes age . Like
getting a large amount ****** hem he assholes, and f said dicks
were h step ******* he pussies then the assholes weild **** at a
progressed rate the the pussies weild became so full of **** that
they wel. Ild became assholes, and hen we weild all be severed in
**** .
41 minutes age . Like
Ital, Luke Ferric the dicks **** the pussies h prevent them hem
Sm" - m forgetting a huge variable. . . .semen
minutes age . Like
ahahh yes, the semen.
39 minutes age I Like
Sm you see the semen an comepletely change the natural
behavior and Fer " the pussies. . . . tee much semen is introduced h
the equation the assholes will simply **** en a new target, mest likely
being the dim.
38 minutes age . Like
n am , indeed sir indeed. but we anly balked of
the him. there were no en said dicks,
36 minutes age . Like
an ene have a did: without testiculars? and how
an ene have testet: Clary without the prostrate, but he prostate is a
whale other stery Fer a whale other generation of thinkers
34 minutes age . Like
NI Lia-:: Assuming that the dicks did have and there
was semen and the asshole did Marget he dicks, there weild be
immediate threat, the assholes weild **** all ever the dick h no
avail, he dicks weild anly begin h **** the assholes
35 minutes age . Like
m but mu have h consider the effect that the **** weild
have en the dim. . .hey weild become flar: id and useless and the
assholes weild anly t: rantings h **** en them until there were no
mere dicks and hen they weild mave mm the pussies tee.
eventually it weild result in a werld of assholes.
30 minutes age . Like
a -. dbut matter can net be created er destroyed, the dicks
weild always be, even f they were eradicated there would only be
another h mine and take the place of the dim.
If minutes age . Like
cerld another race of dim, or possibly buttdicks, learn hem the past
mistakes of heir ancesters h get ever heir pickiness and in m doing
manage h **** the assholes bar: kantos place?
25 minutes age . Like
I Well assuming that there any remains of the dicks,
NI - it is evolution, sh of mm. the dicks weild learn
K', -', either lake shifts between the assholes and pussies, or there weild
be a where anly he 'Purest' of the dicks
weild **** the pussies
20 minutes age . Like
rso what you are suggesting is that the was will simply
take ever and there will be a period of mam in the dicks will
**** all?
18 minutes age . Like
lame perhaps, hey are the mest intelligent of the three.
17 minutes age I Like
resale this is true but an there be dicks wihout the pussies
and assholes? what f their were some Fem or alliance?
15 minutes age . Like
a #1 well the pussies weild mest likely Fem an alliance wih
the dicks fbr the years hat he dicks kept the **** em of them, it was
a painful yet : ial relations,
LI minutes age . Like
what mu are suggesting is that he dim will simply
take ever and there will be a period offence in which the dicks will
hm all?
26 minutes age . Like
a : perhaps, they are the mest intelligent ofthe three.
24 minutes age I Like
this is true but an there be dim without the pussies
and assholes? what f their were Some Fem er alliance?
22 minutes age . Like
N "-: well the pussies weild mest likely Fem an alliance with
the dicks Fer he years hat the dicks kept the **** out of hem, it was
a painful yet beneficial relations,
minutes age . Like
see what you are saying but mice the assholes are
either failled wih their em": **** er surrounded byet they make hostile
moves and f the pussies get any indication that the assholes make
trake ever there cerld be a mm against the dicks possibly
madam hem we mere.
18 minutes age . Like
N l.. ! Iae' |' l' aey weild halters keep he assholes Fer Farming the
massive amounts h prevent this **** Stem’. there weild mest likely
be many cruelties en the dicks part. But some must be sacrificed Fer
he sake of all,
13 minutes age . Like
ml see. Well we are slowly moving off hem politics h war
strategy at and logistics at this point m i see he further need h
cotinue in this enlightening conversaiton
8 minutes age . Like
7 minutes age . Like
lie mm hmm indeed sir, it was a great t: nene the
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#2 - walrussoup (07/06/2011) [-]
TLDR, love the mixed up times though bro.
User avatar #1 - drgingerdoctor (07/06/2011) [+] (1 reply)
How many links are you gunna open?
#4 - bobbyjjj (07/06/2011) [-]
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