Show Me Your Friday Face. would someone explain it to the kitty?. SHOW ME YOUR FRIDAY FACE Tfl posts and image replies omitted. Click Replete view. Anonymous (W
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Show Me Your Friday Face

would someone explain it to the kitty?

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Submitted: 02/26/2010
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User avatar #50 - RussellCrowe (02/27/2010) [-]
Heres a fun fact: bacon is the second best thing invented in the universe.
User avatar #49 - funnyjunkdestroyer (02/27/2010) [-]
**funnyjunkdestroyer rolls 673,817,853** aww dum kitty
User avatar #48 - drgerbilstinger (02/27/2010) [-]
it looks lik zeus just fond out his sun kicked hades ass
#47 - anonymous (02/27/2010) [-]
el oh el
User avatar #45 - SomebodyGetTheDoor (02/27/2010) [-]
Mayb shud b caturday
User avatar #43 - SgtGarySanderson (02/27/2010) [-]
The Raving Rabbid's Rave Face is my Friday Face... or it could be Crash Bandicoots smile. Or Ozzy's. Usually Ozzy's smile.
User avatar #42 - IEpicWinGuyI (02/27/2010) [-]
The kitty isn't happy because he doesn't have a Friday face, only Caturday.
User avatar #46 to #42 - kilik ONLINE (02/27/2010) [-]
#40 - IamKingNothing has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #37 - monkymaid (02/27/2010) [-]
**monkymaid rolls 745,687,491** hahahaha
User avatar #20 - iliekepicwins (02/27/2010) [-]
**iliekepicwins rolls 162,957,741**
User avatar #16 - TJKnight (02/27/2010) [-]
**TJKnight rolls 15**
User avatar #14 - DementedDoom (02/27/2010) [-]
Holy **** , Uncle Phil looks like Coach!

I hope mines a football!
#17 to #14 - EpicEmoKitteh **User deleted account** (02/27/2010) [-]
*Throws Ribgy ball at Jockey*
haha, left for speed 2 ftw...
My friends call me coach!
User avatar #38 to #17 - Okapi (02/27/2010) [-]
He said YEAH!
#18 to #17 - EpicEmoKitteh **User deleted account** (02/27/2010) [-]
User avatar #19 to #18 - DementedDoom (02/27/2010) [-]
I was pretty sure it'd be a football that he threw...

Rugby balls do look similar though. but it was the american southwest, most likely it would be a football.
#21 to #19 - EpicEmoKitteh **User deleted account** (02/27/2010) [-]
It was a rugby ball, but americans call rugby: football, so they'd call a rugby ball a football, they also call football: soccer
User avatar #22 to #21 - DementedDoom (02/27/2010) [-]
I have a rugby team at my school in arkansas, and the rugby ball is larger, and has no stitches. yes, the games are VERY similar, but rugby is more violent, and fun in my opinion.
#23 to #22 - EpicEmoKitteh **User deleted account** (02/27/2010) [-]
Why do americans call a football a football if its shaped like a rugby ball and does not resemble a football whatsoever?
User avatar #24 to #23 - DementedDoom (02/27/2010) [-]
Because when we started calling our version of rugby "football" we would then call the ball used a "football"

And soccar balls belong to soccar. I know, we are weird, but I don't complain. We are used to it, and we don't want to change. Thats why we hardly use the metric system. We do in sciency things, but not in distance or anything else really.

Our footballs resemble your rugby,
our soccar balls resemble your footballs,
and you don't have a game called soccar, do you?
#25 to #24 - EpicEmoKitteh **User deleted account** (02/27/2010) [-]
No we call soccer football, for we are british.
I bet americans think were as weird as we think americans are weird, amirite?
User avatar #26 to #25 - DementedDoom (02/27/2010) [-]
No, we know we are weird.

But do you have ANY game called soccar?
#27 to #26 - EpicEmoKitteh **User deleted account** (02/27/2010) [-]
Ohh, right. No we do not, we have football instead of soccer.
It's the same thing, but a different name.
User avatar #28 to #27 - DementedDoom (02/27/2010) [-]
I know. Where the **** did we come up with the name soccar then?
#30 to #28 - EpicEmoKitteh **User deleted account** (02/27/2010) [-]
Think about it. 300 years ago, British left britain to start a new land and be as Un-british as possible, so they named themselves america, and called a ton of stuff things like sidewalk, and garbage, and yes, football was renamed to soccer. Britain wanting to be Un-british at its finest.
User avatar #31 to #30 - DementedDoom (02/27/2010) [-]
I think that was just a side effect of all the coffee we drank, rather than the tea we were being taxed for. and yes, the tea was VERY cheap, but it was the principal of the thing. We didn't WANT the damned tea.
#33 to #31 - EpicEmoKitteh **User deleted account** (02/27/2010) [-]
Yeah, We dont want no stinking tea, so were gonna move countires, rename ourselves, and discover a new drink to say, NO MOAR ****** TEA!!!
User avatar #34 to #33 - DementedDoom (02/27/2010) [-]
Lol, sure. And eventually elect a black man to be our president, go us.
#35 to #34 - EpicEmoKitteh **User deleted account** (02/27/2010) [-]
Obama, is, AWESOME!!
I wish he was our prime minister.
User avatar #36 to #35 - DementedDoom (02/27/2010) [-]
He is a good speaker/ politician I really hope we get some **** done. I'm tired of all the ******** in washington. If this "Bi-paritzanship" **** doesn't work, i'm going to start voting 3rd party.
User avatar #13 - HomeSikk (02/27/2010) [-]
:'D Mah friday face then my monday face D:<
User avatar #11 - Noah (02/27/2010) [-]
Schools over wat do now?
User avatar #9 - Noah (02/27/2010) [-]
<----- friday face
#5 - anonymous (02/27/2010) [-]
User avatar #8 to #5 - majesticmoose (02/27/2010) [-]
thumb down the troll
User avatar #6 to #5 - RaZrBlayde (02/27/2010) [-]
just because they are ********* dosent mean they arent funny.
User avatar #10 to #6 - Noah (02/27/2010) [-]
4chan is home of both ******** and anonymous which you are/baiting
User avatar #12 to #10 - cystemic (02/27/2010) [-]
********** home is in every little girl's closet
#4 - SuperNipple **User deleted account** (02/27/2010) [-]
**SuperNipple rolls 692,648,214**

that kitty is too cute :3
User avatar #7 to #4 - Espeon (02/27/2010) [-]
I know, right?
Too bad bad breeding made its eyes.. what do you call it when the eyes are not crossing but.. going the opposite way? Well that. yeah.
User avatar #3 - iddiols (02/27/2010) [-]
**iddiols rolls 535,563,851**
#2 - Anonomousthirteen ONLINE (02/27/2010) [-]
**Anonomousthirteen rolls 259,106,072**
gotta do this
User avatar #1 - lichlover (02/27/2010) [-]
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