wow, this woman is a true hero!. Here is another hero story: china Girl catches child toddler hero
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wow, this woman is a true hero!

Sunday, July 3, 1011
Toddler his off nightrise, saved by "
Sunday July 3 1011, By Carresing dent from Evening News
A girl who fell aut of the winder of her heme in East China' s Eh engang province en Saturday was sly
saved by a young math er whe just happened ta be adki by the building at the time.
Wu Japing, M, reached the falling child in time ta break the toddler' s fall, preventing the girl from hitting the ground at full farce.
Wu, a mather ofa bay, suffered a broken arm, while the toddler, nicknamed "haiu Mu," suffered serious internal
injuries but survived the fall nonetheless.
Mu Mu, whe was heme alene at the time, was seen dangling out the win dew her heme near Han gm m, the provincial capital,
at midday Saturday.
She dung ta the windowpane fer about two minutes and then fell ta the grean d," said a neighbor whe witnessed the incident.
Wu was strolling by the building at the time m the fall. Seeing the child about ta plummet from the building, she kicked eff her
shoes and ran underneath the child, stretching her arms ta the sayin an effort to catch the tiddler's .
Mu Mu fell from the building and hit Wu' s left arm befire falling ente the lawn. Wu passed out after being hit, but seen wake up in
Bath were rushed ta the hospital. Wu incurred fractures in hewlett arm, which will require surgery to repair. Mu Mu was found to be
and is stallin critical condition.
Wu and Mu Mu live in the same residential area and were net acquainted with each ether befire the incident occurred.
The story was quickly pasted en popular Chinese site weibo. , with photos detailing Wu' s heroic efforts.
Thousan of peeple were messed by Wu' s acti ens and prayed far her and the child ta recover soon.
In dynamic terms it weild be impossible ta catch the child, butin a werld with bye, possible," said member
using the screenname "pamphlet."
A hospital in the nearby city Faying that specializes in treating fractures has offered to treat Wu fer free.
When she reached en ta the child, she put herein life at risk," said Jin Pengpeng, the hospital president. "She cerld have died er
been paralyzed far the rest forlife if the child had hit her head er back."
Jin said Wu will need six months ta recover from . Fer her part, Wu seems ta be satisfied with the way things turned aut
fer her. "I dent regret anything that happened. I just hope that Mu Mu will recover," she said.
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