Little Jonny. Was looking for stuff to post here and found these. Might be a repost. Don't know and don't really care. Don't forget to vote.. Little Johnny walk
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Little Jonny

Was looking for stuff to post here and found these. Might be a repost. Don't know and don't really care. Don't forget to vote.

Little Johnny walks imp his dad' s bedroom and sees him sliding an a ennder. His father tries tel hide it by bending ever, as if tel leek under the
Little Johnny asks curiously, ‘What are ma doing, Dad?"
His father quickly replies, "l thought I a meade go underneath the bed."
Little Johnny replies, ‘What are ma gonna do -- him?"
Legendarily naughty Little Johnny sat in class quietly as the madame were composing a poem with their teacher. When she asked fer an Foward
that rhymed with "duck" he waved his hand feverishly.
The teacher frowned and passed him by. Na kids, however, erald effer her a . Finally she glared at Johnny and called an him.
Johnny put an his dealies grin and said, "An Foward that rhymes with duck is.... fluctuation."
The teacher blurted out, "No Johnny, that' s sucks! I' m eel sick l: telling ma what a little frigging asshole ma are!"
Little Johnny' s teacher asks him tel make a sentence using the following werde: defeat, deduct, defense and detail.
Little Johnny ewe, "De feet l: duck went ever fenne before tail."
Johnny wae playing l: lateish when he really had tel go tel the bathroom. He runs in and his grandma wae about tel take a shower. He at her
armeh and ewe, ‘Wham that?" She ewe, ‘Well, it' s a beaver, Johnny."
The next day the emme thing happens, only his mam is taking the shower. He ewe, "Mom I knew what that is. " a beaver, but Ithink grandma' s
is dead because it' s tongue is hanging cu."
A teacher asks her madame tel give her a sentence with the ward "fascinate" in it. A little girl ewe, ‘Wait Disney l/ h/ cmd is fascinating."
The teacher ewe, "No, I said, 'fascinate.'"
Anoher little girl ewe, "There' s eel much fascination when it ermee tel sea lite."
The teacher again ewe, "No, the ward is fascinate."
Little Johnny yells trom the back the ream, "My mam has such big beebe that she ean only fasten eight the ) buttons an her shirt."
Little Johnny wae walking dawn the hallway at edfeel. When he reaches his classroom he inside and sees a sub instead l: his regular
teacher. Johnny sits dawn and the teacher ewe, “New madame, my name is Ms. Prussy. Net the mhee word, this ward has an r after the first
letter." Johnny started laughing. An hear later he forgot her name and said, "Your name has an r after the first letter -- is it Ms. Cruet?"
One day little Johnny wae walking up a hill pulling his red wagon behind him saying/ **** this," " **** that."
The town priest hears this and walks up tel Johnny and says," You shoudnt swear like that, Johnny. Geld is all around us."
ls he in the sky?" asks Johnny.
Yes," ewe the priest.
ls he in that bush ever there?" asks Johnny.
Yes," ewe the priest."
ls he in my wagon?" asked Johnny.
Yes," ewe the priest.
Well tell him tel get the **** eat and pusha. l. l."
Little Johnny walks in an his maher in the bathtub. He asks his maher what is the big fuzzy patch below her bellybutton. She replies, "A bush."
The next day Little Johnny walks in an his father while he' s in the shower. He asks, ‘What is that big long thing hanging between velar legs?" His
father replies, " is a snake."
A few days later, Little Johnny walks in an his mother, anee again in the bathtub. He asks, ‘What are those twp baggy things hanging above velar
bellybutton?" She replies, "Headlights."
A couple weege go by and the little boy walks in an his parece having sex. He yells, "Mom, turn an velar headlights! The snake is crawling imp
velar bush!"
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Submitted: 02/26/2010
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