HOW DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?. Sorry if this is getting old. I know it sounds made up but I swear that it actually happened. So I' been sitting here for a few m dbz makes me fap and then acts disgusted when i do
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Sorry if this is getting old. I know it sounds made up but I swear that it actually happened

So I' been sitting here for a few
minutes trying to think of a way to
explain what I' m about to say
without it sounding like ******** ,
but I can' t think of a good way so
I' m just gonna tell the story.
Anyway, if you' been on
recently then you probably saw
this pic on the front page
About three days ago I posted this and
somehow I managed to get to the front page
don' t ask me how)
This probably won' t make front page but I
lord. Was watchin DBA, got the sudden
urge tofay. Paused DBA. Finished up.
Looked back at my other monitor and saw
My childhood heroes think I' m a dirty freak
That or they were
cheering me on
Lr.?, I go into work after finding out it had made first
page and I said to my boss "Hey I made a front
page post on Funnyjunk!" and he asks what it
So I start to say "Well I was watching DBA and I
had this sudden urge to fa-" and he starts YELLING
THAT WAS YOU? HOLD ON!" and he pulls out his
phone and I hear "Honey, remember that picture
on Funnyjunk. com about DBA and fapping? That
was one of my guys!"
The original picture (the one with the
faces) has been on the front page twice
already and I' m sorry if it' s getting old.
Well it happened again. Was watchin DBA
and realized nobody was home. Fap time.
Fire up teh prinz and in the middle of it all I
look over and see this on my other monitor
I immediately stopped and was like "HOW
Then I finished up and made this
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#1 - slimshadez (06/29/2011) [+] (1 reply)
if this happens again i think its a sure sign that you should stop watching dbz
#3 - timegnome (06/29/2011) [+] (1 reply)
Will OP finish in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!!!
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