80's movie puns. A friend and I went a little pun crazy with 80's movies. Enjoy (sorry about tl;dr syndrome, it's my first OC, if anyone really cares). Lacey .  movies facebook
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80's movie puns

80's movie puns. A friend and I went a little pun crazy with 80's movies. Enjoy (sorry about tl;dr syndrome, it's my first OC, if anyone really cares). Lacey .

A friend and I went a little pun crazy with 80's movies.
(sorry about tl;dr syndrome, it's my first OC, if anyone really cares)

Lacey .
For wee, Ithink my hair is bigger than my ege. Yay life.
c. 2! y: . L: tes any Like Comment
back, . .13: the W' s! Please watch your hair as
you exit the vehicle.
AC) minutes age . Like
IIB Lacey- Ch my gosh, did I go back h the futere? l. 7
39 minutes age , Like
Lacey-‘ I hinky should make like Ferris Beefier and lake a day
39 minutes age . Like . , I person
Lacey" I' m kinda hungry. Maybe I should go order a Breakfast
38 minutes age , Like
Lacey- But it' s a lime mid out, .. like a Big Chill.
37 minutes age . Like
mew‘ Could use some St, limes Fire,
37 minutes age . Like
Christa's Yeu' re building a great Netflix ‘wade it again' stery. ..
37 minutes age . Like
Lacey- You mew, I haven' t visited my friend The Karate Kid Fer
36 minutes age ' Like
I Lace's Heard he' s been haunted by a Poltergeist,
35 minutes age I Like
Illest Lacey Ever since, it' s just been a Nightmare en Elm Street, ..
35 minutes age . Like
I l-' eatt- ‘Face keyboards
all these bad puns remind me of the Fast times we experienced at
Ridgemont High
33 minutes age , Like
Lacey‘ Hamm, maybe I' ll call up Bill &Ted and have an excellent
35 minutes age , Like
u , do you remember that time we all got Footloose
en my 17th birthday, but the cake only had Sixteen Candles? What was
up wih that??
34 minutes age I Unlike , , I persin
I Lacey- Could call up my friend Rebecka. I hear some nerds are
in need of revenge.
31 minutes age , Like
it I-‘ la: -_ That sounds like Weird Science h me, ..
28 minutes age ' Like
Matt‘ knew of a group your friend, the karate kid should
mil. .. perhaps yeu' heard of them? The 'Ghost Busters?"
26 minutes age ' Like
Lacey‘. Oh, they' re still around? I thought they were all Lest
25 minutes age ' Like
Maxwell my Uncle Buck ence nailed them, apparently they
cleaned his place up pretty well.
24 minutes age , Like
Ch rig. . .wew. Think I' m having a (cashback,
22 minutes age ' Like
M New thatl think about it, Lacey, I seem h remember
the kid, E was he The Jerk at your party?
I remember back when he was Big I' d see his Face everywhere I
went... Whether in Planes, trains er automobiles.
mini Iterum Ann I I -
Mm‘ course, I can' t help but be reminded of the
summer we tried h raise those teenage mutant ninja tities
17 minutes age . Like
Law No, no, that guy at my party, he was Monty Python,
Yeah, he was a real asshole, 1 shewed him the meaning ofline though
wih my Lethal Weapon, I' never seen anyine Die so Hard,
16 minutes age . Like
W God, that was some Mariah Kombat. ..
15 minutes age . Like
the Police Academy, buti hid her thatl wanted h be a Princess Bride
13 minutes age . Like
Mam all I really want is h spend some Tool Tme wih my
I , after that episode, my mom kept telling me h join
good friends the Hextuples, ..
12 minutes age . Like
tlt Lacey‘ Yeah, all I really want is h just go Commando taday.
11 minutes age . Like
Airplane! and all ofa sudden Robin Heed and a bunch of Men in
Tahts shewed up and slated screaming about Space Balls? It was
quite the Remy Herrer, that crazy gang of Clockwork Oranges really
made me want it h be the Apocalypse New.
9 minutes age I Like
I Lacey- Yeah, that sure was crazy! That was when we were firer
llooll Mata:'* aey, Lacey, you remember the time we were en that
Coming h America, right? And all those Children of the Corn when we
finally got h the midwest, ..
6 minutes age . Like
Matt Ham, yeah,,, My friend Fievel and I had h Go West
h avoid it,
5 minutes age , Like
illgal um De you have a Death Wish? Don' t you mew that the
west is full of Kindergarten Cops?
3 minutes age , Like
s alright, I' got some friends out west... The
Mario Bros,
2 minutes age . Like
Lacey- Uh. Them. Yeah, they' re quite the Sister Act,
6 minutes age . Like
Maid: speaking of sister acts,,, you remember Amadeus
and his band, The Raiders of the Lest Ark?
4 minutes age . Like
I mem Yeah, I remember them! Such a shame that they Flew
ther the Cuck. ' s Nest when the Fame got h be he much Fer them, :1:
2 seconds age . Like
Ill' Matt -True, true, I think of all the memeries, heugh. .. My
Faverite was when we Ran wih Full Metal Jackets wih Gandhi, that
Litte Mermaid, the Rain Man,' and that Blade Runner guy h Brazil,,,
2 seconds age . Like
Hwy‘ Really? I' m paticularly Fend of the time we went Dirty
Dancing wih the Terminater. I haven' t seen him in a long time heugh.
But he said he' d be back seen...
That really weild go ahead and make my day,
6 minutes age , Unlike , , I persin
I Matt we terminater. .. You mean our friend Dirty Harry?
Really, whe cpuid Ferget that Scar I got acme my Face during the
Sim Wars of our youth, After that Platoon attacted us, I don' t
remember much of what happened,,, And I was just let wih one
question: whe Framed Roger Rabbit?
3 minutes age . Like
Lacey Probably Rosemary' s Baby and his friend Rocky Balboa.
They ha e eyes ofa tiger, always ready Fer the haill ofa fight,
2 seconds age I Like
Driving Mrs, Daisy h the Hosiers game and we passed that Read
Hesse and we Faught our way out of there like we were riding a
Chariot of Fire driven by Henry V
2 seconds age I Like
it Matt‘ Haha, the fight, yes. Reminds me of when we were
Lacey Yeah, it' s really tee bad he sold that chariot h that
freaky ick we graduated wih, Carrie, Man, Elk about a crazy Rrerr
Night that year!
abouit a minute age . Like
Ma e same year when E. T. got his Spinal Tap?
Haha, and en we all drove h Adanac City Fer the post prom and
we all strayed in that Reem wih a ‘view. .. good times, good times,
2 ids clue - Like
mem Yeah, until that sexual Predator shewed up. I' ll never
Ferget the sight of his Naked Gun, .. 'tazifer'
A Few seconds age , Like
1. Matt “gm. .. all of that Sex, those Lies, And that
Videotape, I don' t think we' ll ever be able h Ferget that summer.
2 seconds age ' Like
Illest , I was really when the Teenies shewed up
and teek us h that Litte Shop of Hearers. I got a really nice plant there
as a souvenir.
7 minutes age ' Like
think that plant was Better off Dead, Cherida just
dropped it at that Pet Sematary next h the grave that read
Headyjuice lies here'
A Few seconds age I Like
Matti_ But instead, we had h get that Beverly Hills Cop
involved and sacrifice those Steel Magnolias.
2 seconds age , Like
Lacey‘ I' never Ferget the Great Balls of Fire, .. Wu mew
what, Matt? We sure have had a let of crazy experiences togeher,
and,,, I hinky love yeu, but,,, what am I so afraid of?
I him. .. I want you h Strand By Me, Ferever. Perhaps engage in some
Risky Business?
Whaddya say?
4 minutes age , Like
en Me, but his... What in the name of Tron do I say? Be you really
Ill Matt‘ Jumpin' Jack Flash! I' always said you cpuid Lean
hinky cpuid be your Loverboy? I guess I have no choice, ..
Let' s make some Mystic Pizza.
A Few seconds age . Like
I _ And we lived happily ever after in our Labyrinth, The
about a minute age . Like
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