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#873 - krazy_kid286
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(06/29/2011) [-]
1. equip fawkes mask
2. equip any weapon (non lethal)
3. find WBC protestors
4. contact everyone else in your area from FJ, 4chan etc etc
5. have them do the same things as you
6. show up at protest
7. go up and tell them that they are so far in the ******* closet they are in goddamn narnia
8. when they retaliate use equiped weapon on them
in unison with your interwebz family
9. ???????
10. PROFIT!!!
#910 to #873 - emeraldheart
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(06/30/2011) [-]
Water guns?
#911 to #910 - krazy_kid286
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(07/01/2011) [-]
i was thinking something along the lines of a rope an whip em with it. but then again a water gun filled with piss woulld work as well. (unless bear grylls is one of the protestors)