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#462 - arearea
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(06/28/2011) [-]
i actually cried more at the end of BOLT then at the end of marly
and me
anyone else?
#465 to #462 - bigcatunderabridge **User deleted account**
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#482 to #465 - anon id: c446de49
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(06/28/2011) [-]
He quits the movie business so he could spend time with his family.
#637 to #482 - arearea
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(06/29/2011) [-]
no-no,im talking about(spoiler alert)
penny or whoever the girl is gets caught in a fire on the set and everyone gets out but her, then bolt runs in to save her but also becomes fatigued
by the smoke, so he curles up with penny and she hugs him,then bolt begins to bark into the vent(superbark) and the firemen find them and put penny upon a strecher,as she is being wheeled into the ambulence,the firemen but bolt next to her and she hugs him agian saying"your a good boy"

also, before that, bolt finds penny around the corner and she pets a fake-bolt (thinking bolt is gone forever) bolt runs away.and after that, penny walks away dissapoined that its not the real bolt and only part of the movie-set.