THE OFFICIAL GAME OF AWESOME. This is just terrible. Please comment with any problems you have with this picture, thanks! BTW this is not meant to offend any bo the official gam midget bludgeons weed whackers t shirt canons angry dogs Meat


This is just terrible. Please comment with any problems you have with this picture, thanks!
BTW this is not meant to offend any body (little persons of big persons) and is only meant for the purposes of being stupid and entertaining.

1. Two teams each consisting of six midgets and two average sized men.
2. Four Bases
4. A Pineapple
5. A Canon.
6. Lots of Meat (O
I A Hungry Dog
8. Two Weed Whackers
1. First, set up the four bases in a square shape with each ofthe bases about twenty feet apart.
2. Have one grown man from your team stand in the middle ofthe bases with the pineapple.
3. The Six midgets from the other team start at the first base one at a time with loads of rotting meat
stuffed into their pants, give the each midget a shotgun.
4. The man in the center will then throw the pineapple into the air, where the midget will try to shoot it
If he succeeds, he will attempt to run around the bases as fast as he can, this is where the
second tall man releases the hungry dog.'
5. While the midget runs around the bases with the dog attempting to bring him down, the second tall
man from the other team will also try to shoot him with a canon.
E. Repeat this until a midget reaches the final base, where a tall man from the other team will be
waiting with a weedwhacker. The midget will pick up his own weedwhacker and the two will have a
weedwhacker duel, with the first person to cry loses. lathe tall man loses, the team for which the
midget is running will score one point. After you go through all the midgets on that team, switch
teams and repeat.
the midget fails to shoot the pineapple, he shall be tied by the leg to the next midget
trying to shoot, so that two midgets may be bludgeoned upon at one time.
NOTE: This is ajoke and is not meant to be taken
seriously, I am not held responsible for any
midget antler regular sized person bludgeoning.
If you don' t Believe this is really ajoke, you are a
sick Bastard and should seek help immediately.
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