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Movies Ruined By Revisions

The Was Sapposed To Be:
In this adaptation Matheson 's
horror , Will Smith plays Doctor Robert
Legend" Neville, the last man alive in a city
with mutants.
In the fin: 's original ending, Neville is trapped as
vampires break through his barricade; and
his hydrant (who would have guessed that locking
yourself in an enclosed space in the middle of a citywide
at vampires waned turn ant to be a bad idea P)
Yeah. In the original, the vampires are revealed to be
thinking, benevolent Creatures who wata merely
attempting ta rescue a vampire that Neville had
captured earlier.
Not only does the book and in a similar way, bat it in
that was the entire freaking point ofthe book. That' s
where the tithe "taint Legend" comefrom, Nevin' s
realization at the and that the vampires wata the good
gays and that he was the monster eitheir legends,
since he had than driving stakes through
their heart at every opportunity. Maybe a Vitia like So
Pm The Asshole would have than ereader.
The "Improved" Version:
Because test Indiana's apparently didn 't like the
original ending, the studio opted to with a naw one
in which back against the vampires to
protect his naw Mies. Ha does so igniting a grenade
athat two inches from their face, destoying the
stronghold and severely injuring his
companions. ft shahid also be noted that going the
original ending, Will Smith just reordered santas of
reasoning creatures who wata attempting to taadaa a
little girl,
This brings tip the , which is that ad at
the little hints that had than inserted along the way
indicating the had intelligence (the
traps they set, the same in some
kind rote) are compeltely ignored, In the
naw ending, the vampires are mindless savages with no
other bat general horror mash mayhem
Perhaps the saddest thing about M this is that it shows
that no one involved really believed in the message of
the They didn ' a film in order to
Convey any kind message, strang together a
hunch saunas and afriad it a math. One more
reason why indianna feedback isn 't always the best
guide, as anyone who has read Pan Tisha will
happily .
Where you can find the original:
The original anding is available as a banas same an the
recent DEE} release, where it is advertised as the
original anding. " Yes, coming to a
peaceful with your enemies is naw more
than blowing them right thefuck tip.
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