Weird Stepdad. Found this while searching a forum. Honestly made me lol pretty hard. Edit: realised that the text is a bit small so just enlarge it.. Alright, m weird stepdad farting

Weird Stepdad

Found this while searching a forum. Honestly made me lol pretty hard.
Edit: realised that the text is a bit small so just enlarge it.

Alright, my mom has been in a relationship with this man named Don for almost a year now, and over the time he' s done some really wer' m' things to me (no not butt stuff.
From the moment Amet him Ithought he was a little weird, but that was piss in the wind when he did this thing;
Iwas sleeping in bed, and Don comes in with a chocolate bar. He starts to feed it to me while I' m sleeping. I' m a light sleeper, so this wakes me up, naturally Iwas
confused, even more so because of the disorientation of sleep. He woke me up completely and told me that he 'got me some chocolate‘. late it, as Iwas tired and unsure f
Iwas having some sort of weird dream or what. After Rte it he told me that he' d rubbed it on our dogs nose before giving it to me. Ididn' t really care because Iwas so
tired and Just went back to sleep. The next morning Ididn' t really say anything because Iwas very confused and Twasn' t sure f it was real. However, it kept happening, and
he started asking me about it the morning after. One time he told me he faded on it before he fed it to me S).
He also farts at me out the window often whenever I' m outside doing something. Une time he faded at a kid who looked a little like me, and his parents came over and got
mad at him. He still does this to me ).
Another weird thing he does to me (or rather the dog) is grabs it' s head and holds it to his ass, farts on her, and says to me, "I wish this was you, Daniel", very angrily.
Sometimes he farts multiple times on her and she tries to get away, Ifeel bad for her ).
He also ***** his pants very often, about once every two weeks or so, that' s only counting when I' m with him. When he does **** his pants, he quickly crouches down and
goes behind a building or something and starts wiping his ass with whatever' s available.
Dne time he called me while he was out on the shore, and told me how he **** while he was clam farming or something. He said he just crouched over the water between
two rocks, and that there were "leaves everywhere" so it was easy[??}.
My mom called me once to tell me something, and Don was with her. Don asked f she was talking to me, so she gave him the phone, and he faded into it. It was a long
fart, too. After like two minutes of me wondering what just happened, he said "Daniel, are you there?" and maid "Yes?" and he said "That was me farting". mung up then.
So that' s what my weird step dad does. Imight remember some things he' s done later, and I' ll add them to the thread.
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WTF did I just read?
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Couldn't read, ******
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