Different Forms of Russian Roulette. I laughed, my friend made this up.. French Roulette - point the gun to your? head, but run away American Roulette - use a m lol Roulette Russian american french nice umadbro troll
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Different Forms of Russian Roulette

I laughed, my friend made this up.

French Roulette - point the gun to your? head, but run away
American Roulette - use a machine gun
Jewish Roulette - don' t use bullets, because they're expensive
German Roulette - insist on playing with ti Jews,
Irish Roulette - load all ti chambers with bullets,
Brazilian Roulette - play it in a train station
and go last
and go first
Muslim Roulette - use a bomb instead of a gun
Black Roulette - steal the gun and rob everybody in the room
Norfolk Roulette - a game for: the whole family, play with your? mother, father, brother,
and grandma, until one of you dies and the other wins
Welsh Roulette - **** a sheep
Chinese Roulette - shoot someone else, nobody will be able to tell the difference
Ginger: Roulette - just keep pulling the trigger...
sister:, grandpa
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#2 - jestersofchaos (06/19/2011) [+] (1 reply)
That earned a thumb my friend.
#6 - jimmyluv (06/19/2011) [-]
Chat roulette
User avatar #1 - dadsabrat (06/19/2011) [-]
read this one to my red headed bf without finishing it first... loved the last part. made me lol!
User avatar #14 - nitrocidal (06/20/2011) [-]
Polish Roulette: Use a semi-automatic pistol
#7 - azab (06/19/2011) [-]
**** a sheep.
#9 - anonymous (06/19/2011) [+] (3 replies)
African roulette, 6 girls pick 1 to give you a blowjob, 1 of them is a cannibal.
#12 to #9 - filipeleal (06/20/2011) [-]
pick 1 to **** , 1 of them has aids.
#8 - mynameishiiiiiiiii (06/19/2011) [-]
Hmmm...wouldn't the muslim one be hot potate then
User avatar #4 - bobsuruncle (06/19/2011) [-]
old mans roulette
fart or **** ?

red neck roulette
spin the bottle but with a hammer
User avatar #20 - TheBagelMonster (06/20/2011) [-]
These two Ukrainian dudes played roulette by stomping on an unexploded landmine they found in their backyard. They died.
#19 - kungfuchedder (06/20/2011) [-]
Wanna play some Equestrian Roulette, Rarity?
#18 - anonymous (06/20/2011) [-]
Antarctic Roulette: Pistol lays in the snow
#15 - Beznia (06/20/2011) [-]
Caveman Roulette: Use a Stick.
User avatar #13 - norviewwarrior (06/20/2011) [-]
norfolk? idk get it cuz i live in norfolk, va and its a real ****** filled **** hole
#10 - KysG **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#5 - anonymous (06/19/2011) [-]
lol at the norfolk one
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