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#264 - grotesquesque (06/19/2011) [-]
That's why I hate basketball

What do you call a bunch of black guys sitting on a bench?

#282 to #264 - anonexplains (06/19/2011) [-]
omg its the national black ass

sir ur dog like u ass i told me in like the derpest way ever
#265 to #264 - anonexplains (06/19/2011) [-]
are you angry because you are not athletic?
are you angry because you are not athletic?
User avatar #266 to #265 - grotesquesque (06/19/2011) [-]
It's a joke. On a site called FUNNYjunk
#307 to #266 - anonexplains (06/19/2011) [-]
Grotesqueque just ignore these trolls. I think it's funny and it's true this shut is called FUNNY JUNK you idiots
#276 to #266 - anonexplains (06/19/2011) [-]
but the joke is really against white people. unless you're just being a troll
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