This is why men disrespect women pt1. i met this girl last summer and we hungout a few times but she smoked and well<br /> i hate girls tht taste like cra pregnant Stupid women
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This is why men disrespect women pt1

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This is why men disrespect women pt1. i met this girl last summer and we hungout a few times but she smoked and well<br /> i hate girls tht taste like cra

i met this girl last summer and we hungout a few times but she smoked and well<br />
i hate girls tht taste like crap lol<br />
read the comments shes still replying lol so ill add more as it goes on<br />
how stupid can a women really be<br />
ill add more 2moro when i get some sleep and continue this disccusion

21 at 12:
Happy I hun X
Eve": u E Moba
estuary 23 : this is me net actually caring and her
serry fer late reply been upto alet mistaking it far a question my bad
far net using grammar
binary 23 at 11:
lilacs k FIE jet preg but the dad dnt went anything to do with it
instead attaking care of his kid he' s going in the army.... yeu been up to much??
Wed b nice to see ynu need to see a friendly face... w. b X
Eve": u E Moba
1; February 24 at aiy,
well id rather get shot at than be a father
SC) i cant blame him lnl
emery 24 at 12:
Haha.... its really pissing me of f he didnt want to be a father to 3 kids he should
offere a ... going to be a single mum at 20 w. b X
Eve": u E Moba
February 24 at liy,
i he had kids befire without marrying them why did ynu sleep with him
and ynu should have made sure he used a condom er used the pill yourself er
got yourself a diaphragm
seeing as its yhur life it fucks up net his ynu really should have been mere
speaking inwhich i had this chat with my Ill sister just the other week lnl
r February 24 at 12:
binary 24 at 12:
n e n even help wiv dem 2 i i should efi was going to abort it but
my mum convinced me to keep it as i will be a good mum he dnt care abaut
anyine else apart from his self i amt getting an implant it dnt sound nice
how comes??? Hew eld is M sister??? w. b X
Eve": u E Moba
y February 24 at 12:
raam isnt a implant its like a condom fer wemen
dent they teach ynu these things at school
ifyou knew he had two kids befire and didnt give a shit why did ynu date him
i mean he sounds like a complete fuckershit from that
new yhur stuck with his offspring that must be pretty gutting
my sister is 14 and she has mere commen sense than to get pregnant she
knows how to use a condom and knows abaut birth control and she' s net even
sexually active i' m sure when she is and eld enough she' ll be en the pill as its
commen sense to do SC) ofyour genna date assholes whe don' t have the respect
fer wemen the should
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#3 - EmoDan [OP]
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(02/23/2010) [-]
"Yea i do no how it wrk's i was on it at the age of 15 nd i didnt mix it wiv any drugs or drink nd yep you got that rite he dnt care who he is with he will still go nd cheat on them nd it is a boy nd i did sex education at school nd wot you mean at the end??? W.b x"
#2 - EmoDan [OP]
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(02/23/2010) [-]
do you even know how the pill works ?
missing it the next day wouldn't negate its effects for the night before
that would be the morning after pill that you use afterwards
the contraceptive pill works ahead of time.
the contraceptive pill would have still worked but im guessing you mixed it with alcohol or other drugs.

and lets get this right
he had kids before that he doesn't assist with
and what he suddenly changed overnight and would be a dad to a child with a women he wasnt even dating

so he cheats on his partner
has two kids
he really seems legit

oh wait what a suprise he ***** you over and acts liek a dick

the reason my 14year old sister knows all this stuff
is TO STOP HER BEING A DUMB BITCH and getting herself knocked up.
i mean honestly do you even know how to think

and you reckon you'll be a good parent
first thing to teach it
how to use contraception effectively and how to tell if a guy is a complete **** or not but then again sounds like you've got no idea about either of those
so lets hope its a boy for all our sakes

good work polluting the gene pool
#1 - EmoDan [OP]
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(02/23/2010) [-]
sorry i gotta add this as she is still replying thinking i give a damn when really im laughing at how stupid a 20yr old women can be
"Yea they did nd it is but i aint got a choice so im stuck nd i didnt want this to happen cos he was with someone at the time i tryed to stop it from happening nd he didnt take no for an answer nd i werent trying for a kid nd i was on the pill but he told me not to take it the morning after cos he wanted to be a dad nd he will stick by me nd the baby but no he dnt wnt anything to do with me or his kid nd he is all the names under the sun he can go and jump of a bridge for all i care i dnt need him iv got my family and friends nd 14 y she thinking like that??? w.b x"