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User avatar #5 - Totaler (02/23/2010) [-]
we won because our athletes know this: if you see a tree, YOU TURN AND GO AROUND THE ******* THING!
User avatar #32 to #5 - AHugeErekshun (02/23/2010) [-]
well if u werent stupid his foot got unlocked from the ski and then tumled into the tree you dumbass canadian
User avatar #120 to #32 - Totaler (02/23/2010) [-]
I wasn't watching it you ******** American, I don't give a **** about skiing, I'm going on what I heard so stick it dumb ****
User avatar #259 to #120 - AHugeErekshun (02/24/2010) [-]
i didnt see it either but it shows it right in the picture??? and dude a **** face american? give me one reason canada's better
User avatar #262 to #259 - Totaler (02/24/2010) [-]
yes, because everything on the internet is definitely the truth right? how do I know it wasn't just an American's excuse for losing, and Canada is better because we didn't kill 200 000 by bombing the civilian city of Hiroshima, Japan and another 80 000 at Nagasaki, Japan and claim them as "key Japanese military bases" despite the fact that they were, as I said, civilian cities, also we did not fire bomb the city of Dresden, Germany killing yet another 135 000 civilians. our military knows you kill enemy SOLDIERS, you do not purposefully kill civilians who live in the country you're at war with
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