win. (description). guy who got it. /funny_pictures/2240839/guy+who+got+it/ mow chatting with a randam stranger. tiite nigger pubes
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win. (description)

mow chatting with a randam stranger. Say hi!
Official messages hem Omegle will mat he sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming he represent
Omegle are lying.
Stranger: What is OP, is it:
a) Original Poster
b) Faggot
c) Optimus Prime
You: faggot
Stranger: *reloads*
Stranger: thanks bro
You: reloads
You: hows the killingly
Stranger: on like 3 bullets
Stranger: aw yeah
Stranger: you?
You: wow
You: on 2
You: now three
You: got 5 mother fuckers in a row
Stranger: I got lucky, managed to catch at Fjers in a row
You: wow
You: a knight
Stranger: an King
You: my god
Stranger: assh my child
You: t: . ---hew do i know its really you'?
Stranger: What colour text would you like'?] could make it happen
You: if this works going to get frontpage see fast
You: can i have red admin sir....-
Stranger: Yes, but you see the current front page post regarding Omegle, its bullshit.
Stranger: that was seme impersinator
You: i see
Stranger: Any colour but red, obviously
You: okay
You: blue?
Stranger: Dark blue/ Cyan/ Turquoise
Stranger: chesse
You: i will spread the word about the impersinator
Stranger: choose'
You: lets go cyan
You: my god this is great-....
Stranger: get thumbs and its yours, for the next 3 months
Stranger: the challenge is yours
You: challenge accepted ...... --
Stranger: Godspeed my child
Stranger: What is your username - nobody can rapest
You: monarch
You: hey and admin
Stranger: Yes'?
Stranger: fullhomo
You: only for you
Stranger: Go, get thumbs like the win. Oh, and fer hese reading this, heisse whomever rolls quads in a 'roll 5*
shall also get cyan
You: lets fucking do this,
Ytay have .
er switch tn video er send us feedback
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**iamcote rolls 4**
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(02/27/2012) [-]
SO ******* CLOSE!!!!
#11935 - milhousing
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**milhousing rolls 14,380**
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**oogaman rolls 83,880**
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**misterblobbie rolls 61,643**
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**anonymous rolls 98,271**
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**limey rolls 04,593**