A true knight of funnyjunk. me on omegle when i find a true soldier. Omegle conversation log : -114: You' re new chatting with an random stranger. Say hi! Offic omegle zombies knight soldier
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A true knight of funnyjunk

me on omegle when i find a true soldier

Omegle conversation log : -114:
You' re new chatting with an random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers alai ming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: 'raises shotgun' what is op?
Stranger: A faggot
You: o thank god.
You: ive been traveling for many days brother
You: i was almost out of ammo
Stranger: Then take aome my brother, it will do you well in the Darkness ahead
Stranger: 'reloads'
You: thank you my friend.
You: 'reloads'
Stranger: ‘Howie of the undead are heard'
You: they are coming...
Stranger: The flock crowe unruly again, we must show them the way to the light
Stranger: *clacks his shotgun
Ton: *clacks shotgun'
You: are you ready brother?
Stranger: I am Brother, we shall ride to their demise
Stranger: TC) THE FRONT PAGE!!!
You: * zombie head off”!
Stranger: 'Takes the muzzle of his gun a stuffs it down a zombieu throat and blowy his billede ow
You: brother behind you!
Stranger: 'Spins to unload a shell again'
Stranger: My the lord guide you to hell fiends!
You: * zombie away from behind my companion'
You: theres' to many brother!
You: this is where we make our last stand!
Stranger: Run, I will keep them at bay!
Stranger: And Tell Admin I was Beautiful
Ton: no i em not leave you here!
Stranger: 'Takes the shotgun by the muzzle and bats off the head of a zombie‘
Stranger: We have not much time brother, go!
You: i will tell them brother. i will tell of your great courage!
You: 'shed a single tear'
Stranger: Do ed and let them bring green thumbe!
You: goodbye brother...
You: 'runs
Stranger: 'Opens his duskjacket to grenades and yells into the night' For Funnyjunkl.
Stranger: 'CAHBOOM'
You: goodbye to a true knight of bunnyjunk...
You have : ated.
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#1 - belzethedemon (06/15/2011) [-]
**belzethedemon rolls 79** Dubs for a fellow knight!
User avatar #2 - nightauditor (06/15/2011) [+] (1 reply)
This is the most beautiful thing I have ever read. This should be made into a movie!
User avatar #5 - dutchbag (06/16/2011) [-]
**dutchbag rolls 78** dubs and meet me on omegle
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