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#196 - incognitoburrito
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(06/15/2011) [-]
But still, the only reason that the black people that you're talking about say that they've got it so damn hard is because the majority of them have to live in very, very bad conditions. I grew up in detroit, so I can tell you that the majority of black people live in the bad part of town (which was hard to find in detroit). The reason that they live there is because they have been kept there because of not only the people they grow up around and are influenced by but also by a common lack of education. They grow up with people that are uneducated, not able to teach them good values because they don't have any of their own. Their peers are uneducated, and the peer pressure to do other things besides study for school and get good grades is much more significant. They all grow up without an education and so do their kids and so on and so on.
#208 to #196 - deathbypizza
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(06/15/2011) [-]
well why dont they just implement a system where parents are given SOME money based on the marks of their children in school? financial incentives are always good for poor people.
#216 to #208 - deadbolt **User deleted account**
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#228 to #216 - deathbypizza
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(06/15/2011) [-]
quite obviously special circumstances are put in place, special schools, Special education departments with lower achievement minimums and averages etc.

its a working plan, and i tell you what if i got voted in to become australian PM tomorrow i would make it a priority to implement it in less than ten years following studies, test programmes and re-training.

national curriculum is going to be the best thing thats ever happened to this country.
#225 to #216 - anon id: 6b158bbd
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(06/15/2011) [-]
There are special classes that give grades out depending on the individuals advancement. Problem solved. Magic!
#231 to #225 - deathbypizza
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(06/15/2011) [-]
i dont quite understand what you mean. it sounds like a good idea, but what is the idea?