Worst Break Up Notes Part 2. Part 1: /funny_pictures/2222528/Worst+Break+Up+Notes/ Part 3: /funny_pictures/2229105/Worst+Break+Up+Notes+Part+3/. I wasn' t plann Break up Notes funny worst ridiculous lol
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Worst Break Up Notes Part 2

I wasn' t planning to do this but........
So here goes
celling buds my load
service Please can 913- '" ava" ab' Fra
howl: Can-
ken an . was Mlle
m me ‘ lo milli-
KEV.“ M‘ xey ran am Compiler and
game bl my as ' hm we was skulls roamed
my ctr.!,?, O, R. Mli MI r be all mounted
i' hr doctor: Ind he
makes 43 muscles to from and 17 to smile.
But l deem take any to sit has and not
give a shit about you.
Get the fuck out of my life.
we nu Klat. and Nu re pm . - leach
ludum‘ l so kn ll
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