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#481 - derpettemcderpson
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(06/09/2011) [-]
how is this OC, about 90% of the panels are from rage comics, did you draw them? no i don't think you did. So the next time you make 'OC' how about actually making some original content
#485 to #481 - lougreenmachine [OP]
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(06/09/2011) [-]
because I made it myself, but dont have the time to draw up new faces/memes etc, but do have enough time to put them into a funny comic. Why don't you go and draw up some new ones and share them?
#490 to #485 - anon id: 87e39b7c
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(06/09/2011) [-]
but I swear I've seen this very concept, just without the girl, in here. so your post isn't really oc. its cic (copied or inspired content)
#486 to #485 - derpettemcderpson
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(06/09/2011) [-]
Because that's not something that i want to do, but there are plenty of front page comic makers that don't have to rely on overused memes, and if you don't have enough time, then maybe you just shouldn't post and do whatever else is taking up time in your life
#483 to #481 - lougreenmachine [OP]
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