top 10 one liners part 6, user created. Deds: #10: Coolfool's dad, #9, #8, #7:Yournewdad, and the comedian: Rodney Dangerfield, and Jimmy Carr. #6: thebigbadbea
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top 10 one liners part 6, user created

#10: Coolfool's dad,
#9, #8, #7:Yournewdad, and the comedian: Rodney Dangerfield, and Jimmy Carr.
#6: thebigbadbear
#5: CptPepper
#4: insanepain
#3 and #2: MadCapper
#1: zombiezandstuff
thank you all, even the ones who thumbed down, It's nice to know someone laughed and that I may have improved someones day.

Top 10 ,
pom 1
10. Here is undeniable proof that light
travels faster than sound: some people
may look bright, until you hear them
9. Cats have nine lives. Which makes
them ideal for experimentation.
8. A girl phoned me the other, day and
said "Come on over', There' s nobody
home." I went over. Nobody was home.
T It' s easy to distract fat people. It' s
a piece of cake.
6. Religion is like a penis. Its good to
have fun, and you can be proud of it, but
don' t whip it out in public and try to
shove it down my Throat.
5 carpet bombing is perfectly
accurate All of the bombs are
guaranteed To hit the ground.
4. Seek the knowledge of the Ages,
but look at the world Through the
eyes of a child...
3. I' d Try to see things from your'
perspective, but I can' t stick my head
that far up my own ass
2. As you slide down the banister, of
life, may your' ass collect many
1. So a dyslexic guy walks into a bra... C) neliel.
This was made from comments on my other
posts that I thought were pretty funny.
I really like making these, so if I get any
positive thumbs trt all, I' ll make another
please don' t skip.
Next one will be a normal one.
Deds in desccription, theres alot of
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Submitted: 06/07/2011
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User avatar #1 - zombiezandstuff (07/20/2011) [-]
**** yeah :D
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