Vault Boy Compilation 3. /funny_pictures/2203695/Vault+Boy+Compilation+4/ FOUR IS UP Sorry this one took so long, Internet was down for a while, but its here no vault boy Fallout
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User avatar #3 - LordRaymond
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(06/06/2011) [-]
The boomers kill everyone in sight with no mercy

[Speech 60] Maybe if you run at them and flap your arms they'll cease fire

Sounds legit
User avatar #1 - skatertothecore
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(06/05/2011) [-]
You'll have to leave all companions outside.

Oh wait they can stay in the presidential suite.
#2 to #1 - anon
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(06/06/2011) [-]
oh wait **** u *kills*
#9 - elisell **User deleted account**
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has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #7 - afallentheory
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(06/06/2011) [-]
punch in face

whole body explodes in to a red mist
#8 - throwerway
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(06/06/2011) [-]
Head's crippled; inject drugs into face.

All better!
User avatar #6 - afallentheory
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(06/06/2011) [-]
in new vegas i killed everybody except for the legion (i was allied with them) and the normal citizens of new vegas (the NCR was pissed at me so they shot first)
User avatar #5 - pixelol
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(06/06/2011) [-]
obtained alien blaster

only used to kill legate lanius
User avatar #10 - synthrage
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(07/08/2011) [-]
*bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother* *bother*