Funny Things To Do At The Mall. Funny Things To Do At...The Mall thumb if you want another "Funny Things to do at..." list.. I) You and a friend dress The Mall funny

Funny Things To Do At The Mall

Funny Things To Do At...The Mall
thumb if you want another "Funny Things to do at..." list.

I) You and a friend dress up in suits and sunglasses. Have
another friend dresses casually about 50 yards
away from you Walk towards him with two fingers en your
ears, talking in hushed tones, When you see him, ggll“ THAT’ S
THE GUY! THERE HE IS! STOP HIM!" repeatedly and chase
him through the mall and out the doors.
2) Do number one, except have your friend dress in all black and
instead of yelling "THATG THE GUY!" etc, yell "Mr, Anderson!"
Have him pretend to talk en his phone as he runs away.
3] Walk around the mall acting We a zombie, It werks best if
you can get a lot of people to do this with you Zombie Hoard
4] If you are over 15, wait in line, by yourself, and take a picture
with the mall Santa Sit on his lap.
5] a inte a very designer store er luxury item stare,
and repeated ask the stere clerks where they keep the donuts,
Become mere and more exasperated each time you ask
ti) Have your friends dress as guides. Then walk around the mall
with a video camera telling people to move out of the way
because yeu' re "filming a reality TV show,"
7) Go inte Brookstone. Use a massage chair. Fake an orgasm.
B] At any clothing store, try on pants backward, Ask the clerk if
they make yew butt look big.
9] Walk up to a stranger and say "Oh my gosh, f haven' t seen you
in RWE RI How have you been?" etc. See if they pretend
that they know you Play alen g for a bit, then call them out on
IO) a inte the pet stere. Ask if the gerbils have a lot of meat on
them, Then ask, "How much for a dozen?"
I have enough material fer another few "Funny things m do at.." lists.
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User avatar #1 - jamesisawesome (06/05/2011) [+] (1 reply)
Wear sweatpants into the pet store and put something in the pockets so it looks ike you have a boner, then watch the puppies play and wait for someone to notice
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