Firefox Bible. an excerpt from the FireFox Bible, the Book of Mozilla<br /> comment,rate, for more. CAPUT XXVII 14 And the Li book of mozilla internet Explorer from the blue one sucks Shiny metal ASS
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Firefox Bible

an excerpt from the FireFox Bible, the Book of Mozilla<br />
comment,rate, for more

14 And the Lizard spake, saying, Windows shallt support, and Macintosh, and the divers flavours of Unix, yea, even unto the
latest effluvium from the Gates of Hell shallt spread my seed: this it pleasebe me to do.
15 But CE/ 2 shall I ignore, for in sooth nobody sseth it.
Then was the land filled with the sound of much wailing and gnashing of em, for millions of people used CE/ 2 and knew
that it was good. Yet the Lizard did harden his heart against them, and said, Nay, there is no demand for it.
And the Blue Cine did create an Explorer of the Web, yet updated it slowly, and documented it poorly, and it was filled
with a plague of locusts.
is And those that followed the Lizard became enamoured of Frames, and wrote pages which could not be read by the
Lizards brethren, for the lemmings were lazy, saying only: Verily, thy browser doth suck. Thou may' st obtain the Lizards hence.
is Then it came to pass that the Blue Cine made a pact with the Lizard, that the Lizard should work its artifice for the sake of
the Ancient Sorcerer. And a reference to the Lizards wares was placed atop the Sorcerer' s desk, that he might obtain it
whenever he desired.
in But the number of the work the Lizard gave unto the Sorcerer was Two, and the Greek sigil Beta was affixed to the
number, yet all the rest of the Lizards minions were given the number Three.
21 And lo, the Lizards work was with locusts, and verily did it consume the Sorcerer' s disk space whenever it was
used, and it did mightily crash his system full oft.
is And the Lizard named several of the locusts, and regarding one the Lizard said, The tag looketh not. Whereupon
the users hearing this were sore amazed, and said they one unto another, Verily, that is no bug, but a feature to be highly praised
while it lisbeth.
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