The Struggle, Battle!. This took a while to make so I'd appreciate a comment or fav ^^ Part 1 the struggle kysg Minecraft comics

The Struggle, Battle!

This took a while to make so I'd appreciate a comment or fav ^^
Part 1
Part 2
Again anything that's happened in these comics has actually happened to me in the game.

I decided to charge it. I knew a
blow to the face wouldn' t completely
kill me, and i had enough food to
bring me back to full health.
Besides, this ' esper' may drop
sonething useing.
where is i P
It some how snuck
past me but I was
able to get a good
hit on it
I hit it hard enough away
from my home so that it
wouldn' t destroy it.
It was a close call.
1" that was
I decided to put
good use to the
gapping hole,
and made a small
animal catcher.
Lord knows what will happen next....
And I haven' t even started the real adventure yet.
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Submitted: 06/02/2011
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#4 - anonymous (06/02/2011) [+] (1 reply)
too bad that never happened since creepers dont leave perfect holes
User avatar #3 - oowanrikoo (06/02/2011) [-]
Awesome :D
Cant wait for next one! :D
User avatar #2 - LordZebedee (06/02/2011) [-]
Nice comic
User avatar #1 - PenguinArmy (06/02/2011) [-]
fight things that arent really in the game
like narwahls
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