Piles of randomness Part 1. like i said in the image, I am back at long last, I have missed my Funnyjunk so much! if you do not know who i am, I would love it i piles of randomness Part one camdstder The Game you just lost it
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Piles of randomness Part 1

like i said in the image, I am back at long last, I have missed my Funnyjunk so much! if you do not know who i am, I would love it if you swung by my profile and checked out some of my old OC. I love you FJ!

Piles of randomness part 1
Original Colet made for BY: Camdstder
A mother is in the kitchen making dinner for her family when her daughter walks in.
Moth er, where do babies come trom?"
The mother thinks for a few seconds and says, "Well dear, Mommy and Daddy fall in love and get married. Dine night they
go into their bed room, they kiss and hug and have sex."
The daughter looks puzzled so the moth er continues, "that means the daddy puts his penis in the mommy' s vagina. That' s
how you get a baby, hon er" The child seems to end.
oh, I see, but the other night when I came into your room you had daddy' s penis in your mouth. What do you get when
you do that?"
A man came home from work one day to find his wife on the front porch with her bags packed.
Just where the heck do you think you' re going!', said the man.
I' m going to us Vegas', said the wife, " just found out I can get a night for what I give you for free!
The man said, 'Wait a minute!', and then ran inside the house only to come back a few minutes later with his suitcases in
ere the heck are you going?', said the wife.
The man said, " want to see how you' re gonna live on lready
The subway car was packed. It was rush hour, and many people were forced to stand. Dine particularly cramped woman
turned to the man behind her and said, "Sir, if you don' t stop poking me with your thing, I' m going to the cops!"
t don' t know what you' re talking about miss - that' s just my pay check in my pocket."
Uh really‘ she replied. "Th en = must have some , because that' s the fifth raise you' had in the last half hour!"
A In year old man went to his doctor' s office to geta sperm count. The doctor gave the man a jar and said, "Take this jar
home and bring me back a sample tomorrow." The next day the In year old man reappears at the doctor' s office and gives
him the jar, which is as clean and empty as on - the previous clay.
The doctor asked what happened and the man explains: “Well, doc, it' s like this: First I tried with my right ha , but,
nothing. Th en I tried with- my left ha , but still nothing. Then I asked my wife for help. She - tried with her right ha ,
with nothing. Th en her left, but nothing. She - even tried with her mouth, first with the teeth in, then with the ,
and still nothing. We even called up the lady next door tried with both hands and her mouth too, but nothing."
The doctor was shocked! "You asked your neighbor?" the old man replied, "yep, but no matter what we tried we couldn' t
get the BARN jar open!"
guys back! i know its been a while, hut i broke my old laptop
one day and i just now got a new one. i will be posting again, as i
always have, some new . not facts, not trivia, just pure, good
ole' funny :D i will also have some different things going on, my
goal is to help restore some of the funny hack to again.
for more
anything for no thank you, gay
how ‘we
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