The Science Behind Peppers. . aim Lamond presents FROM THE the world' s hottest peppers In 1912. a scientist named Wilbur Scoville came up with the hast for mea damage switch th
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The Science Behind Peppers

aim Lamond presents
the world' s hottest peppers
In 1912. a scientist named Wilbur Scoville came up with the hast
for measuring pepper hotness/ spiciness/ piquancy.
Presumably, before the Scoville test, pepper heat was
measured through more subjective methods:
Bub my/ my like we
can fur an when
that Rome that
most be a not pepper
FT rid tng meme
pictured e
The main problem with the Scoville heat test is that it does not record the
actual experience of eating a pepper. The following is a useful scale for
anyone stupid enough to actually eat peppers:
Type of pepper Eating it feels like...
mam... so refreshing.
o scoville writs
if'") oh damn, that' s got a kick!
2. 501» 5. 000 scoville units
******* **** !! My bowels
are ON .
Scoville units
******* COW!!!
3517. 000 - sermon scoville uh,
1, 359, 000 scoville mus,
1, 463, 000 Scoville units
Fruits like apples are typically delicious snacks. This encourages animals to eat i
the hurt and subsequently poop out the nuns seeds. Plants benefit greatly
from this poem seed dispersal.
Peppers advertise themselves as bright, beautiful, tasty fruits, but punish us tor
eating them. Are pepper plants just major assholes?
well. that peppers have a much
better way to travel than through our '? P-
they use bird droppings.'
Unlike mammals, birds are not affected by spiciness.
The presence of ppi( lets mammals know that they need to back the ****
offend . pepper plants because:
I i Birds are more likely to leave pepper seeds intact while eating and
digesting peppers
2) Birds are more likely to indiscriminately **** everywhere
C) seed takes root
Cs? bird eats peppers
G) wiry, Trcy pepper we
Humans have a habit codifying mother nature' s intentions.
C) seed takes not
fie seed " erial
pepper plant
C) mandate pepper
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#3 - awalker (05/30/2011) [-]
Peppers of all kinds are also healthy, physically and mentally. They do, in fact,help with depression, they help wake you up way better than coffee or energy drinks(this one is obvious), they are helpful in losing weight. don't ask me how, I just went to a website where someone did some research on them.
#2 - Landonlasater Comment deleted by UnoSkullmanx [-]
#1 - anonymous (05/29/2011) [-]
I am saving this for future reference lol
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