Clients from the hell. Second part: /funny_pictures/2170364/Clients+from+the+hell+PART+2/. CLIENTS FR OM THE HELL Me: "Beween I help you my, me’ em?' Ghent: “Is clients from the Hell i like turtles Stupid your Mom
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Clients from the hell

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Me: "Beween I help you my, me’ em?*'
Ghent: “Is ehmm] internet"?
Met " fagyour pm?‘
Ghent: “Is eamil on the internet? I have no Emmet, em I still reed my ?”
Met " yes, you must he elite to get inline to treath"
Me: "Mreh. let' s see. Gen you open up Internet Explorer ihr me end tell me
whet you see?"
Ghent: “Dpwn whet?"
Me: “Your mm, em you open up your Dreiser?”
Me: "Met you ahek on when you went to mom the harem?‘
Ghent: “I dan' t use mg, [just turn mycomputer on, end it' s theres"
Met "Dicey. Do you see the little hlun 'e' men on your desktop?”
Ghent: “You man I here to Mart writing letters gem?‘
Ghent: " dan' t here my pens my desk I just went my gem."
Me: “No, miam, your desktop, on your computer sumo.
Gen you ahek on the litthe lime 'e' on your ocmputer semen fbr me?”
Ghent: "Oh, this is too mum work. I 'm too upset. Just send me .
Eleni you send me my ?”
Me: ', me' em. Gen you tell me what velor the lights ere on your router
right now?”
Ghent: ‘My whet?”
Met We ht. t. hot with green or possibly e meme "red lights on if right
now- it' s most mark wmm your computer?”
Ghent: "Lights end hoses, hoses end lights, just get my eamil for me.
Me: “lily test is showing that you should he ahll to get whee right now.
Gen you tell me whatyou’ re wagon your computer sumo?“
Ghent: “It' s been the me thing hr the lest two hours."
Me: "An error mung?”
Ghent: ' Hers. It' s Meek end moving Hers."
Met “...I.' lo you see your mouse nest to your mud?”
Met "Move it liar me."
Ghent: “Move it?"
Ghent: Hamil”
Me: "Good morning me' em, I em belling henna our mom shows e kit
on your cellphone line."
Ghent: "Oh, yes, sorry. I missed the deadline. Gen I pelit with eard?"
Met “Sure, you em do if right know " you wish."
Ghent: " you get the nummers?"
Met “Sorry, whet?”
Ghent: "The ered_ it information, I just swiped it."
Ghent: wmm, you' re right, I proberly here to hip the phone dosed to swipe it.
Ghent hangs up.
Met “whet mm! ere you usage"
Ghent: "wight's"
Met "No thets..... , whet does the lest pert email '"
Ghent: “HTML”
Me: “Met? No thets.... still not it. Look, when someone mks you
i' byyour mm whet do you give them?”
Ghent: “I need you ell to quit watering me through memedom P'
Ghent: "Deni think I don' t see that little light on the modem every time
it' s turned on. It , the lighted the top Mm video mum”
Me: ‘Tm still not quite understanding this. What ere you implying mom”
Ghent: "Be honest. in you recording whet I ‘on doing? I went you to turn if ofe"
Met “Does the light sq’ IPO . WP"
Me: ""Thet‘ s the power light ror your modem.”
ISSI' It if es simple es putting in e hutton to atelier meet lenguages?
Met “DE, let' s stem Ar well Dreiser.”
Ghent: Ma browser? Oh, you man Internet Explorer?"
Me: “Sure, thet’ ll work Now you' re going to ahek on the weh new window
at the top ofyour Dreiser end type in... "
Ghent: "Wait, min slowdown. What do you men ahek?”
Met "III like, ahek with your mouse hutton.”
Ghent: “Mouse hutton? Met? Men, this is rem . ' using."'
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User avatar #2 - kellendros
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(05/27/2011) [-]
Having worked in two call centers, I remember how belligerent and stupid customers can be. You should get some from Dell, from the Tech Support, had a friend who worked there, the **** he used to tell me was hilarious.
User avatar #4 - sonofdasher
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(05/28/2011) [-]
And they say "The customer is always right"...
User avatar #7 - froghole
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(05/30/2011) [-]
i couldnt do this stuff because i would tell them that they are stupid and need to die for the sake of progress.
User avatar #8 - puzzanne
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(09/30/2011) [-]
...My e-mail...
User avatar #5 - fairyprincess
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(05/28/2011) [-]
this is totally my dad. he calls every single day with something to do with his computer. he has managed to break 4 in the past 2 years.

i have no idea anymore.
User avatar #6 to #5 - guyfromclarksville
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(05/30/2011) [-]
What's his record?