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#12 - reredrumuoy (05/26/2011) [-]
What about Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin

<---------------------- his PENIS is in a museum
User avatar #41 to #12 - erwinrommell (05/26/2011) [-]
Single handedly brought down the tsarist regime hehe and allowed communism to stem.

What a HERO!!!

oh the sarcasm
#160 to #41 - reredrumuoy (05/26/2011) [-]
no he was killed by the whites (supported the Czar) because they "thought" that he was trying to assassinate or kill the young boy when really he was healing him
so no he didnt bring down anything the czars had
User avatar #269 to #160 - erwinrommell (05/26/2011) [-]
ohh god. learn history

his perverse activities brought so much disrespect for the elite. The entire Russian elite went ******* insane over him, orgies etc. He was the decline of the strong russian elite.

also no such thing as whites in 1916 - only during the actual revolution did they spring up. Anyway he was a huge part in the decline of tsarist russia.
User avatar #437 to #269 - reredrumuoy (05/27/2011) [-]
how was he a decline then if you are so brilliant
User avatar #445 to #437 - erwinrommell (05/27/2011) [-]
simple - his perverted activities - brought the elite down - made them drunks/alcoholics and orgy lovers. This lowered their big brotheristration ability and the opinion of the workers

also brought down the highest Russian elite - tsars wife etc.
he was a retarded alcoholic, and stories on his death are mostly exaggerated and/or made up.
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