FML: Blowjobs and Dishes.. I would do the dishes everyday Check out my other link: Today, a  blowjob dishes Wife husband chores FML funny sad Ipod boyfriend girlfriend
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FML: Blowjobs and Dishes.

I would do the dishes everyday
Check out my other link:

Today, a stoned man tried to break into my
house., Naked. FML y
Today, I promised my boyfriend a blow job
every time he does the dishes., Every dish in
the house has been washed three times
already., FML
I agree. your lite sucks was ‘foo totally deserved
Today, my husband tried to be romantic by
throwing me in a bed laid with roses. Too bad
he torgat to remove the thorns first, FML y
I agree. your lilo sucks 1626 "foo totally manned it we
Today, my dog was barking at a squirrel in the
yard. I opened the door to let him chase the
squirrel., I went to look at the dead squirrel and '
Banging 50 Million Singles . ill,
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it has 666 you totally deserved it :P
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