Skinny Dipping. old people are funny. An elderly man in Louisiana had owned a large farm fer several years. He had a large pond in the back. It was properly sha old man skinny dipping

Skinny Dipping

old people are funny

An elderly man in Louisiana had owned a large farm fer several years.
He had a large pond in the back. It was properly shaped fer swimming, so he fixed it up nice picnic
tables, horseshoe courts, and some apple and peach trees.
One evening the old farmer decided to go down to the pond, as he hadn' t been there fer a while, and
leeks it over. He grabbed a bucket to bring back some fruit.
As he neared the pond, he heard voices shouting and laughing with glee..
As he came closer, he saw it was a bunch deyoung women in his pond.
He made the women aware of his presence and they all went to the deep end.
One of the women shouted to him, ‘We' re not coming em until you leave!
The old man frowned, 'l didn' t come down here to watch you ladies swim naked or make you get em
of the pond naked/
Helding the bucket up he said, Tm here to feed the alligator/
Some old men can still think fast.
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Submitted: 02/18/2010
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User avatar #21 - WolfRider (02/18/2010) [+] (5 replies)
old man = 1
ladies = 0
User avatar #22 to #21 - Blakichu (02/18/2010) [-]
**Blakichu rolls 423,456,733**oldman=2

ladies=0 remember he beat up that black guy
User avatar #20 - freshblob (02/18/2010) [+] (3 replies)
This is why I love old people
User avatar #82 - GrammarOne (02/19/2010) [-]
Old people. You don't **** with them.
User avatar #125 - chickenyourface (02/19/2010) [-]
would you have sex with your mother, to save your fathers life?
and btw, that guy is my next door neighbor, his name is chuck norris
User avatar #96 - Eskimoss (02/19/2010) [-]
**Eskimoss rolls 620,652,389** old people.. their power level is OVER 9000!!
User avatar #83 - cystemic (02/19/2010) [-]
**cystemic rolls 696,308,538** i admire this man :), almost as much as epic beard man
User avatar #71 - IamWhoIam (02/18/2010) [-]
**IamWhoIam rolls 49,446,838**
I love old people wisdom.
User avatar #63 - PHATTMATT (02/18/2010) [-]
**PHATTMATT rolls 588,086,705** that old man is a ****** god
#61 - anonymous (02/18/2010) [+] (1 reply)
**anonymous rolls 485,120,862** has anyone seen red text yet? been rollin all night, gettin dizzy, so dizzyyyy. won't be back to see reply, be passed out on floor, so dizzy
#67 to #61 - werido **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #52 - XAnubusX (02/18/2010) [+] (1 reply)
It seems this man will definitely see them coming.
User avatar #127 - ThatCoolGuy (02/19/2010) [-]
I wonder what their faces looked like after that.
User avatar #126 - poundcake (02/19/2010) [-]
**poundcake rolls 869,838,670** xD old people rock
User avatar #66 - neverrusty (02/18/2010) [-]
**neverrusty rolls 969,982,040** old people are creative like that
#15 - TheTaste **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (5 replies)
User avatar #25 to #15 - culanap (02/18/2010) [-]
Relevant comments to the pictures please?
#153 - anonymous (02/22/2010) [+] (1 reply)
I feel happy for living in Louisiana now.
User avatar #154 to #153 - Espeon (02/24/2010) [-]
Same. Wait, Edward..? In Louisiana? Well that's it. time to shoot myself..
User avatar #136 - ScruffytheJanitor (02/19/2010) [-]
I'd tell them to get off my Lawn before I sued.
User avatar #114 - Saint (02/19/2010) [-]
**Saint rolls 704,563,018** This settles it, I'm digging a pond.
User avatar #76 - SilverBullet ONLINE (02/18/2010) [-]
**SilverBullet rolls 977,111,239**
I hope I'm that quick-witted when I get older...
(IF I get to live that long)
User avatar #70 - ChibiYoyo (02/18/2010) [+] (3 replies)
**ChibiYoyo rolls 601,817,082**

Admit it, most of you only comment to roll the dice.
User avatar #77 to #72 - taelamin (02/18/2010) [-]
**taelamin rolls 884,898,388** Yeah, pretty much. But as for me I only comment when I have something to say, not just "999,999,999?"
#69 - oneeightytwo (02/18/2010) [-]
**oneeightytwo rolls 859,223,748**
This is why I love old people
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