The Next Celebrity (OC). This is my prediction. Prepare, I feel the next storm coming. DIIE NEXT Mocr MADE FUN OF g/ h/ PE? Fads come and go. Annoying singers s

The Next Celebrity (OC)

This is my prediction. Prepare, I feel the next storm coming

Fads come and go. Annoying singers spark the intenet to make fun of them ad
museum, pissing every off in the end. For example, if you see one more Beiber
joke, you' re gonna lose your mind
And so, I have taken the liberty to try and guess the next annoying celebrity we
will all make fun of ant get tired of using what I know:
1: Previous Contenders
I' ll start with the most recent 3
Miley Cyrus
Justin Bel ber
Rebecca Black
Alright, so right away I can say they will be young. Very
young. Too young to be anywhere near music, I' ll go out
on a limb and say they will be a guy, since it went from
Cyrus to Beiber up there (no Beiber jokes here, fellas) The first name will be two
and then to Black. Not much else at the moment. syllables, and they will have
long hair. That part' s easy
2: Material
Regardless of how bad, they have all made music. Dur. But what between
them is similar?
Party in the USA Baby Friday
I hopped of " plane at LAX Baby, baby, baby, Seven am ., waking up In the
with a dream and my cardigan on baby morning
welcome to the land of fame excess, Baby, baby, baby, Gotta be may gotta go downstairs
wean) oh baby Gotta have my bowl, gotta have
am I gonna Ft in? cereal
Seem’ everything, the time is goin'
Jumped the cab, Tickers on and on, everybodyy
new I am tor the mat ll me rushin'
Look to my rant and I see the some get down In the we Sign
Hollywood slot are catch my bus, I see my friends
This G all so crazy (My Meme)
Everybody seems so Famous
Honestly, there isn' t much that' s the same between these songs besides the fact that they
are written about mundane things anyone could have put to a tune. There' s a similarity. I
More or less I mean what they look like. This will offer the most when it comes
to my prediction.
Cyrus Beiber Black
Brunette ayoade I guess JIS,'',;'" if You were
Boobs _
Ment from child entertainer to pornstache' ttritts, an ster ? Not Stile _
overnight -Ho odins 9 g -Nothing else interesting
Shades in any weather {moi he hair SWOD
Shiny things p p p
I' ll take a swing at it and say their will be a type thing. I don' t have a don' t
have a doubt there will be some sort of gay swoop or some "frayed" look. They will think
they are a part of a group they really aren' t/ shouldn' t be ( Channel
a celebrity in general). As I' said, they' ll be a boy and will be
sickeningly into hoodies.
Music upbeat
Hair and Brown
Group they will believe to be a part
Blank blankblank (syllables)
Hist Song Don' t Wanna Lose You, Baby"
Best Jokes Against his Celeb Girlfriend
WILLI BE RIGHT? Don' t know, but using the
power of MATH 'n' stats, I predict at least
four of those will be true. TIME SHALL TELL
e/ In/ 7717
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hmm.... i think u have something there....
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starbucks girl by derpy *********
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