Texts from last night. compilation of funny texts. 813): yeah my parents were only ten feet away and we somehow managed to do it in five different positions wit texts from last night the game
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Texts from last night

compilation of funny texts

813): yeah my parents were only ten feet away and we
somehow managed to do it in five different positions
without them noticing
so my dad walked in on us having sex
Lulz really? why?
say he wont be answering to 'daddy' for a
I woke up to a topless girl handing me a blunt.
Candidate for greatest wakeful ever?
She got mad when I told her I' d bone her mom. She
got MORE mad when her mom heard, and was
flattered by it. Proud to say I attract MILFS.
Stop staring at my boobs, I can' t concentrate
Well how do you think I feel
fair enough
i think my mom would be mad if i was pregnant. last
time i was she grounded me for a week.
normally i' m against accepting campers on facebook
but this one saw me giving head to another
counselor and didn' t say **** about it to my boss so i
feel like shes earned the right to look at my sloppy
drunk pictures
How the **** did I get small bruises all over my body?
Well you were laying on the couch naked after the girls
left, staring into space, and I went over to the pool
table and threw every ball as hard as I could at you
from point blank range . You didn' t flinch, blink, or
scream for any of them. next time maybe you won' t
**** my girl while I' m taking a ****
Puking in one of the stalls, a guy ran in and started
puking in the other stall... In between heaves we told
each other our names; i found out that it was my old
best friend that moved away in the tth grade
textsfromlastnight. iom
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Submitted: 02/18/2010
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User avatar #1 - MagicMarshmellow (02/18/2010) [+] (3 replies)
**MagicMarshmellow rolls 721,994,703** that last one was heart warming
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