Random TV facts. Here' s another one. Enjoy! More here: /funny_pictures/2119294/Random+facts/ /funny_pictures/2122498/Random+facts+2/. The main_ voice actors .  Random TV facts
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Random TV facts

The main_ voice actors .
on The Simpsons are paid
000 per episode.
Watchin eve episode of
Thesame tree nonstop would
take nearly half a year.
Spongebob S firepants has
worked at the rusty Krab for
over 31 years.
Auctor Matthew Perry is missing
part of his middle finger.
Luke, I am your father."
The actual line is
No, I am your father".
Wraith Vader never says
of Family Guy, was supposed
to be on one of the planes
6 Seth Mcfarlane, the creator
Simpson' s creator are hidden
initials of Homer
in his ear and hair.
He en asks the Brice
Now what do I do'?"
Donald Duck' s middle
name is Fauntleroy.
an AWAY we Hoe.‘
a cartoon called "Larry &
Steve". It was a lot different
back then.
1 Family Guy started as
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