Honor. Found this at my old lost junk folder. /funny_pictures/2118782/Think+about+it/. The difference between the gotoh guys and the bad guys is whether they us
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#83 - itrolltheyhate (05/17/2011) [-]
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User avatar #85 to #83 - pavichokche (05/17/2011) [-]
I wish I could thumb this comment more than once xD
#161 - cjklefty (05/17/2011) [-]
I can't believe some of the comments on this pic. The **** people say. Don't talk **** on soldiers until you grow the balls to do what they do. Until then I give you a polite **** you and i bid you adieu.
User avatar #98 to #49 - hudsen (05/17/2011) [-]
#21 - Shredulex **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#53 to #21 - SLaPSoMeJuAN (05/17/2011) [-]
no I object!
#406 - stewpid (05/17/2011) [-]
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User avatar #121 - trippkashani (05/17/2011) [-]
agree to the end of time HOOAH
#78 - The Last Templar (05/17/2011) [-]
I won't thumb you down due to the amount of respect that I have for anyone brave enough join their country's military, but I won't thumb you up due to the fact that this picture has been reposted an obscene number of times.

So rather than a thumb, please enjoy this picture of some odd looking sea-creatures trying to eat a bag of Doritos.
#265 to #78 - loocke (05/17/2011) [-]
although i'm not entirely sure, i believe this is a reference to:

the zerg drone from starcraft 1 and 2 respectively enlarge
#37 - John Cena (05/17/2011) [-]
how do they know that the guy and his kid arent makinng the soldiers his shield
#300 to #299 - John Cena (05/17/2011) [-]
User avatar #302 to #300 - nukinzerambo (05/17/2011) [-]
whats that? I dont get it?
User avatar #304 to #299 - tikledpikle (05/17/2011) [-]
i remember watching that story on the news. they also told us about that man when i was in boot camp.
User avatar #305 to #304 - nukinzerambo (05/17/2011) [-]
Yeah I had the same picture posted as some content.. I believe the name is in their.. tough son of a bitches Army and everyone who fights for us...
I dont support war nor am I against it.. I just dont wanna start a ******* debate over a picture.
Thanks for the comment:)
User avatar #306 to #305 - tikledpikle (05/17/2011) [-]
no problem. yes, war is a bitch. so glad i'm done with it.
User avatar #307 to #306 - nukinzerambo (05/17/2011) [-]
A lot of my friends have fought and are fighting.. its tough too see them in the shape.. what hurts them most is that one guy came home to nothing..family died and his gf left him for his best friend...
He broke down so badly it was just terrible
#310 to #307 - John Cena (05/17/2011) [-]
gotta give credit where credit is due and both of this pics are pics of Marines. hate to admit it. but true however us Army guys do the same **** , we just dont get the glory that some marines get.
User avatar #315 to #310 - tikledpikle (05/17/2011) [-]
yeah, but you gotta look at what the armies ROE's are. Don't get me wrong, you soldiers do have some badasses and do some ****** awesome **** . but nowa days, the army just aint as tuff as it should be anymore
User avatar #312 to #310 - nukinzerambo (05/17/2011) [-]
Thats true, and we should all give credit where credit is due so thanks a lot for everything
User avatar #308 to #307 - tikledpikle (05/17/2011) [-]
yeah man. i know how that goes. when i came back i finally broke down from everything we went thru and what i kept bottled up. it's never the physical scars that hurt us the most.
User avatar #311 to #308 - nukinzerambo (05/17/2011) [-]
its painful man it really is.. just too watch it is terrible
User avatar #314 to #311 - tikledpikle (05/17/2011) [-]
i know man, but the most you can do is be there for them as a good friend. give them some one to talk to and shoulder to cry on.
User avatar #317 to #314 - nukinzerambo (05/17/2011) [-]
always was and am..we got good and drunk a lot haha
helped me sort out my life with chick too, cant find a good one
User avatar #319 to #317 - tikledpikle (05/17/2011) [-]
right on man. yeah, i dont think anyone can truley find a good spouse these days. i try, but it seems all i get wit are hoes.
User avatar #320 to #319 - nukinzerambo (05/17/2011) [-]
**** bitches get profit bro (Y)
User avatar #321 to #320 - tikledpikle (05/17/2011) [-]
haha, to right. well i'm gonna get down on vidya games. not sure if i'm gonna do black ops, socom or minecraft haha
User avatar #322 to #321 - nukinzerambo (05/17/2011) [-]
Black ops is more for self torture some days with campers and socom is for serious play
User avatar #323 to #322 - tikledpikle (05/17/2011) [-]
campers aint no thang, and socom is nuts online, love it
User avatar #324 to #323 - nukinzerambo (05/17/2011) [-]
a must try>
goodnight sir and peace be with you
User avatar #327 to #324 - tikledpikle (05/17/2011) [-]
and also with you
#335 to #327 - trisexatops (05/17/2011) [-]
Look at this bromance.
#333 to #327 - John Cena (05/17/2011) [-]
purple = pretty someone plz post this 1879 thumbs EXCATLY!
#339 to #299 - John Cena (05/17/2011) [-]
noob! he use last stand!
User avatar #431 to #339 - nukinzerambo (05/17/2011) [-]
Anyone who uses that ******* perk is trash
#131 - fuzzywafflez **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#230 - leadviking (05/17/2011) [-]
what if a good guy uses a bad guy as a human sheild
User avatar #238 to #230 - Skwucky (05/17/2011) [-]
then you're marcus defending against the locust horde
#245 to #238 - tigerstyle (05/17/2011) [-]
gears 3 beta ended :(
gears 3 beta ended :(
User avatar #135 - watermelonfuckup (05/17/2011) [-]
User avatar #142 to #135 - timespin (05/17/2011) [-]
can't wait untill like 200 years into the future and it becomes the UNSC (HALO REFERENCE. unless it's UNMC? but i think it's the first one. idk let me know people?)
User avatar #163 to #142 - TristanV (05/17/2011) [-]
USMC= United States Marine Corps.

UNSC= United Nations Space Command

UNSC would be every nation getting together and making an army of spaceship troopers....And in Halo, the Americas were 'Glassed' by the covenant (meaning they were burnt with such heat that it melted stone to lava and allowed it to cool to obsidian glass)
User avatar #166 to #163 - timespin (05/17/2011) [-]
the americas were? i thought just alot of africa was. because mumbasa is a city in africa, right? or did you read that in one of the books...?
User avatar #175 to #166 - TristanV (05/17/2011) [-]
The Americas and I think part of Africa was. I know because I've played every Halo game to date since it was my first Xbox game....I still have the limited edition Halo Xbox from when Combat evolved first came out :/

Either way, they effed up the series by ODST.
User avatar #187 to #175 - Shartugal (05/17/2011) [-]
IT was most of america, in halo 3. when the flood came to earth, and the master chief was defending the command center and the infested high charity crashes in the atmosphere. Then the sangheilli or the "elites" go and glass the whole place.

Halo was one of the best video game series i ever played. and the books were just as awesome.
#207 to #187 - John Cena (05/17/2011) [-]
That was Africa, sir.
#211 to #175 - John Cena (05/17/2011) [-]
The games don't tell much of the Halo story, and it was really only Africa which was glassed during the Battle of Earth. Covenant were in the Americas, but they didn't destroy it.
#206 to #175 - John Cena (05/17/2011) [-]
Lol ODST didn't eff it up, Reach did.
#202 to #175 - alexiuscommenus has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #182 to #175 - timespin (05/17/2011) [-]
i've also played every halo game and don't remeber a single time of them mentioning america getting glassed but w/e. and what is your problem with ODST?
User avatar #184 to #182 - TristanV (05/17/2011) [-]
I mean, it was short in comparison to every other halo game :/
User avatar #183 to #182 - TristanV (05/17/2011) [-]
It just stopped feeling like Halo after that...It felt like they were abusing the franchise for all it's worth.
#210 to #183 - John Cena (05/17/2011) [-]
ODST was fine. It wasn't really short, it was fun, and an interesting new spin on the game. AND, it didn't contradict the canon like Reach did.
User avatar #201 to #142 - alexiuscommenus (05/17/2011) [-]
I think it's just UNSC Marines.
User avatar #143 to #135 - therealtotodile (05/17/2011) [-]
isnt it semper fi?
#154 to #143 - watermelonfuckup (05/17/2011) [-]
Yeah but people understand that USMC means United States Marine Corps.
#209 to #143 - mocguy (05/17/2011) [-]
Hoo-rah!= battle cry or just a marine's way of sayin Hell Yea!........ Semper Fidelis= latin for always faithfull, code marines live by among others. Good day sir.
User avatar #224 to #209 - ninjapig (05/17/2011) [-]
Hoo-rah is army and rangers Ooh-rah is marines, its never really specified and even inside the core it still passes sometimes but the diffrence goes back to when the advanced branches of the military were created back twords WWI and Rangers used the sound i old general that i can't remember his name said as he charged his batlion of minute men in to the last battle of the revolutinary war which was Hoo-rah, Marines overheard them and thought they said Ooh-Rah and started saying that, i love my military history.
User avatar #229 to #224 - mocguy (05/17/2011) [-]
Ehh close enough. I'll get plenty of military history soon, i leave for paris island in august.
#231 to #229 - ninjapig (05/17/2011) [-]
but france isnt a island
User avatar #453 to #231 - mocguy (05/21/2011) [-]
O god i hope this was a joke lol
#337 - nooneinparticular **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #178 - bustamove (05/17/2011) [-]
it's always nice to see a serious picture for a change. 'MERICA
#116 - Complimenter (05/17/2011) [-]
Whenever I see the US military on this website, I cannot contain my orgasms.  
I must thumb...
Whenever I see the US military on this website, I cannot contain my orgasms.

I must thumb...
#118 to #116 - John Cena (05/17/2011) [-]
Ryan Reynolds is Canadian.
#179 to #118 - tenchikusanagi (05/17/2011) [-]
He's also the green lantern, whats your ******* point?
User avatar #140 to #118 - cjklefty (05/17/2011) [-]
I'm American and i think the British SAS is orgasmic...
#208 to #140 - alexiuscommenus (05/17/2011) [-]
this is probably why
User avatar #434 to #208 - cjklefty (05/17/2011) [-]
#145 to #118 - John Cena (05/17/2011) [-]
Canadian joke:
What do you call a beautiful woman in canada?
From this joke we can conclude that canadians love americans o.O
#329 - bronie **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#137 - John Cena (05/17/2011) [-]
i love this stuff. these soldiers deserve every drop of respect possible and more. true courage, true bravery, true heart.
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