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#46 to #36 - Ken M (05/16/2011) [-]
do you love your children? do you want them happy? never alone? do you want them to cry themselves to sleep at night? Christians aren't shoving anything anywhere. believing in god is your kids decisions. if you don't believe then don't shove your "religion" down their throat's
User avatar #69 to #46 - Jewssassin (05/16/2011) [-]
Atheists dont have a religion to shove down their kids throats. A Belief but I would hardly call it a religion.
Oh and I was raised without religion, still dont believe in it, and I never cried myself to sleep at night but because I didnt think there was "god". My parents would of never tried to make me non-religious if I did become religious. Most people I know are actually very open minded people, regardless or beliefs or ideals.
Why dont you suck a cock because your the reason people hate Christians.
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Anon is a cock.
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