Facebook Fails. From www.jumbojoke.com ... I know some have probably been posted before, but this is a "Greatest Hits" album...so enjoy, comment, and  facebook fail funny only thirty one Shopping days until my Birthday so send me gifts that are green
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Facebook Fails

From www.jumbojoke.com ... I know some have probably been posted before, but this is a "Greatest Hits" album...so enjoy, comment, and rate please.

FOUND ON . COM ... Hope you enjoy them. And, if
you know a Grammar Nazi, you best call 91 ll, for they WILL be
going Into shock when they read these.
l Abigale - . Darcy -
shouldn' t be aloud to talk.
2 hours an}: . Like . Comment . he Friendship
i' olu
Abigale to Darcy: “foo shouldn' t be aloud to talk."
Darcy: ‘You be allowed to spell.‘
eca-; -o who Contain:
If: Yta" trad_ thts.
Post: ' facebook open. for deferring my character."
Reply: "You did not spell ‘suing correr: tiy and you' re in law school so I think you just del" anneal your own character."
he found out the Us is hurting . : SI... I NIH he didn' t
have to light " merh,
Wra. trien day JP. ' : . mil. Fl Vre, r Like Comment
no 3 people .
Starla -'Thery sheild '- Elma! -I anatomy alan...,.,
at I How . Like - maple
jenny hi‘ *1 sweetie... we are inclining 1,
would Munroe In trouble ' e bombing Latin. (Lo sum
Wednesday at I zoom . use - Home
hunt: on matser-
Insulin! scenery there...
Wednesday at I Hum . Lilo:
Catrina: "Just found out the Us is bombing Labia,,.. THAT ,.,.. 1 wish we didn't have to fight so much,.''
Steven: "They should have female anatomy alone..."
Jenny: ‘Sweetie... we are Bunting Lybia... we would really be in trouble if we were bombing Labia. Ego DUE! -I‘
Bruits: , do my best to keep the peace with Labia.,,, Beautiful scenery there,.,.,..''
about an hour we ' we 'Monomeric
It minutes we q the
4 minutes not I we
Cory: worn LET your: EMOTIONS sires Power: TOUR ''
hso' outsell"
Cory: Ta why 2"
Cory: ‘wore cuz I DIME PUT SPACES . are u stupid"
Poster: ‘when is the point when you no that you cant fail worse?‘
Reply': "When you realize you misled 'knorr' incorrectly."
And here' s why this happens:
Alyssa: ‘honor roll now with mostly a' s and I b hopping for honor roll next time h)"
Lee: "Just curious, does your school give spelling tests?‘
Alyssa: ‘nope y?"
as and q,, and
about I met, ratt and I the
Post: ''....thank you Massachusetts for melting it irresistible for me becoming a teacher. Stupid an mes‘
Reply: "For me becoming a teacher.‘ I suspect Massachusetts has its reasons.‘
Poster:', ‘for anyone to become a teacher. the tests are redit: .,"
Reply: ''Redicolous'? You sure they are not ?"
Foster: ‘ha. I} its just it treat that is suppose to tool: you on your reading and writingdove its over stupid topics
like chocolate and mexican landmarks.‘
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