WTF is this shit?. found these on ... and now I will go to sleep and have nightmares. l, Best of damen- baby sent the bowels Elf hell to steal your sen]. I Star Tattoo fail Boobs Seriously guys These are total fails
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User avatar #3 - Zebness
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(03/05/2014) [-]
the one with the logos kind of make sense
User avatar #2 - hundredninjas
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(05/13/2011) [-]
my teacher when i was in college won a new car xD ... i love that show, and besides the "price is wrong bitch" "Happy Gilmore" is one of the greatest things in movie history. <(^_^<)
User avatar #1 - JackSchidt [OP]
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(05/12/2011) [-]
dammit the last one got cut off!