Facebook Fails. Cred to LAMEBOOK..COM enjoy FJ!. Grillin By my an photos Anione want a may Descrption e Were , am; at everythang, my aha wise; all Drenthe mace, Facebook Fails
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Facebook Fails

Cred to LAMEBOOK..COM enjoy FJ!

By my
an photos
Anione want a may Descrption e Were , am; at
everythang, my aha wise; all Drenthe mace, smells
we sht, eats ram shyly Dukes up ram shy, mews an
everythig, has aarbea NW haw but any mamas; ya Shea
ah everyting, not my , WWW haw
that makes m Ich, he an Hugh! have the any
x/ Brynn of dawns yr Fuu' re Interested he' s
tree, aha we may even awe m maher to get mm may
here, name your me. ah aha he has all ms Shays aha '
pincess new agam
mm! we
at new saunas my
My Nassau Delete
an my the Ath, be apart arm butterflys an yaw
whey: ya Shaw my maul: my depressy aha self harming
Please copy tha as your status ya spread the ward y
b'; ham ma we Cowman!
may an my anew you. my Bum: yam a butterfly
Into my may
is hams man we
you refund an used sex we ' re iterested W a may
hm my may Message me
we. - we cammera
sh Youube an
try the wean who changed my y HATE may
and 441 mere ike
Joseph -2 Just heard about my friend who used to beat an using hair gel.
My God people are strange!
2 may we we
Todd -:2 hm
Jump): L not you guys are my
chours we we
may . an be, may naming. When l In: m y. hum mm an old
sketchers my and ma byylyy. . lahm carefully
ml a hole In the my : d the hole my my my
many for my Inmates. y then yank my Dad',
and healed y no In the microwave After!
amen y ya the dell meal um hale may w (mm on that we
has n was pathetic any n was my
2 hours :91: we
Mel a ********
Mayra nan we
Joseph -my
2 tike
Todd If s than the man story;
have my heard. may pathetic man.
z May; ago we
u may as him, van, Nut mus: y was the only my . man
gemni some box.
henna“ -
Weit n Tabs
Length. dang hear aye wha\ e am
y ight hay be a Wuud mammy. buti' bucked many a ram baby TI my day. and
that mam tn count fur
ye you smoke, dun’! senate mound mines or y my up my kkm oorr
we sammehh
I Jenna - y saw a Pregnant lady smoking outside the
17 miutes an we
canny _ she has ya smite as much M possum. an y;
smoking for Mn haw
we quelaan
hahahaaha an mum way
may , ass, Van cant) Mammy away:
DIVE Vacs.
2 hours an Unike -an awe
huon(. aan.
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Submitted: 05/12/2011
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#3 - Lookinatstuff (05/19/2011) [-]
...the only kid in Jr. High getting some box.

Brett is a hero!
User avatar #2 - damphyr (05/12/2011) [-]
facebook = fail.
User avatar #1 - valleyrat (05/12/2011) [-]
awesome the first one alone is worth it haha
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