My plan for quadruple stufs. you can thank me when they make quadruple stuf oreos.. o-r-e-OH MY GOD THERES SO MUCH BLOOD!. my letter to the was company. by Ayan actually sent
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My plan for quadruple stufs

you can thank me when they make quadruple stuf oreos..

my letter to the was company.
by Ayan Nervus en Sunday, March 13, 2011 at f):
when are yeu guys geing to make quadruple stuffed cookies SO hat I dont have to? Every time I
buy arses I buy 2 packs, I hen proceed to mash beh packs and peel off ens cookie frem every
Oreo, and stick the matching cookies with filling , hus making my ewn "quadruple self"
cookies, new Lib to his mint we dont have a problem but, as I' m sure yeu' already realized I' m
left with abaut 64 cookies, 64 cookies, yeu knew what hat is? its a tram, a sham and a
mockery; its a . Now I will net stand by and have his abomination in my house,
SO I dispose of it the quickest and, most humans way I can, I eat them, new ems yeu' getten
over the shock of me haying to eat an entire bag of arses, minus any filling , we' re genna dc) some
math, new each Oreo is abaut 70 calories, we' re geing to assume hat 60% of the calories come
frem the filling and the remaining 40% is in the cookies, Now I' m taking only ens cookie wihout
filling, SO hats abaut 14 calories, new i have and entire bag of cookies left over which is abaut 896
calories in cookie fern, hats almost 45% of my daily calories* l, new i burn abaut 108. 5 calories fer
every 10 minutes of tigeress exercise, hat weild take me abaut 1 hem and 22 minutes of exercise
to burn off (hose calories. I can only maintain tigeress activity fer roughly 5 minutes at a time,
before i need to take a 10 minute break, hat equals to 82 minutes of exercise, and 140 minutes of
rest. hats 3 hears and 42 minutes. I dont knew abaut l/ , but I dont have 4 hears every day to
exercise. at his mint yeu sheild be hinking, Every day? what does his guy only eat arses?" and
the answer is yes, the only feed hat i censers is an entire bag of heme made quadruple self arses
every day, usually all in ens sitting, around his mint i tend to inte some sert of sugar induced
trounce/ frenzy, i' m net sure what i dc) during my "med madness" but i usually wake Lib a few hears
later, cybered in bleed, i spend several hears cleaning my heiss to redeye all evidence, and ems a
manh , 000 dallars is deposited inte my bank accaunt. my docter tells me hat he has idea
what is keeping me alive, and hat I sheild have died of years age. i believe hat my
service to the mes gods has gained me heir blessing, and in return they grant me new life, to
dentin's en with my snack feed werk. but i still feel hat it weild be in my best interest to cut dawn
en my caloric intake, SO if the changes weild be made they weild be greatly
appreciated. LUNG LIVE THE GREG!
Percent daily Yalu's are based en a 2, 000 calevis diet, My daily Yalu's are probably way higher
because i eat SO many ewes.)
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Submitted: 05/08/2011
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