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#8 - pandazero
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(05/07/2011) [-]
Two cans of beer, tasty.
User avatar #10 to #8 - Xedan
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(05/07/2011) [-]
Oh my god, that meme just reminded me of yesterday.

This girl was talking to me and my friend and she mentioned that there was a play going on at the school later. She said you had to pay to come, but the money went to charity. My friend told her "I don't think so, I don't like paying to cum (come)" and she said "well it is for charity" and he said "I know, I'm gonna cum, but I'm not gonna pay to cum" she still didn't get it and then he just said "I'M GONNA CUM!" in the middle of the hallway. Everyone laughed around us, but she STILL DIDN'T GET IT. Then even after she asked what he was talking about and he finally just said he was talking about jacking off, it still seemed to take her a while to get it.

#39 to #10 - swbite
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(05/08/2011) [-]
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