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#22 - Ken M (02/16/2010) [-]
Uh, I'd like to point out that the writing in Japanese doesn't mention taking the bra OFF. Actually, it's talking about putting the bra ON. The one with short hair is telling the other one to at least put her bra on by herself. The cut off writing on the right is sleep-talking or something from the one with long hair - she's apparently either asleep or very sleepy.
#42 to #22 - Ken M (02/16/2010) [-]
well maby u should read the skrped and u will find out and im not tring to be mean its just dat well i hate it when ppl only see wat they want to c not wat is there
User avatar #33 to #22 - majesticmoose (02/16/2010) [-]
Pix or it didn't happen
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