Bullshit Facts. /funny_pictures/2052929/Facts+OP/ Almost half of these are . Check it. PART 2 IS DONE /funny_pictures/2059522/Moar+Bullshit+Facts/. You might ha Bullshit Facts /funny_pictures/2052929/Facts+OP/ Almost half of these are Check it PART 2 IS DONE /funny_pictures/2059522/Moar+Bullshit+Facts/ You might ha
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Bullshit Facts

You might have seen Simonedmonds list of "Facts." Sorry to break it to you, but
almost half of them are untrue, and 2 of them were made to be shockingly untrue.
Read on, junkies.
Look at your zipper. See the
initials YER? It: stands for
Yoshida Logyo ,
the world' s largest zipper
1. My zipper says "BAP."
A duck' s quack doesn' t echo. No
one knows why.
2. Urban myth.
315 entries in Webster' s 1996
Dictionary were misspelled.
a This "fact" was PURPOSELY made up to prove that "99. 9% is nat good enough."
On the average. " newborns will
be given to the wrong parents
aw la!
5. Just like at this was PURPOSELY made up to prove that "asses. is nat good enough."
Chocolate kills dogs' True,
chocolate affects a dog' s heart and
nervous system. A few ounces is
enough to kill a small sized dog.
Urban myth, though it' s nat healthy, plenty of dogs can consume chocolate and live.
Because metal was scarce, the
Oscars given out during World
War II were made of wood.
9. Daly one wooden Oscar was ever given out, it was to Edgar Bergen in 1933.
There are no clocks in Las Vegas
gambling casinos.
IO. MOST Las Vegas gambling cations don' t have clocks, nat all.
Leonardo Vinci invented
scissors. Also, it took him Io
years to paint Mona Lisa' s lips.
11. Scissors were invented in rome around 100 AD.
is 'trollball"
Mosquito repellents don' t repel.
They hide you. The spray blocks
the mosquito' s sensors so they
don' t know you' re there.
15. Repellent masks a human' s scent, it does nat block a mosquito' s "sensors."
Dentists recommend that a
toothbrush be kept at least six
feet away from a toilet to avoid
airborne particles resulting from
the flush.
16. Mythbusters debunked this concept.
Marilyn Monroe had six toes on
one foot.
19. Marilyn Monroe had 5 toes on each foot, but in one picture she appeared to have 11 in
Adolf Hitler' s mother seriously
considered having an abortion but
was talked out of it by her
20. Hitler' s family were serious at ms, and strongly opposed to abortion.
The "pound" GD key on your it
keyboard is called an octoshark.
M. It' s called an "octothorpe."
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