On The Origin Of Pokemon 2. Again a lot taken from bulbapedia. Seriously though I'd love to see some comments! www.funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/2050038/On+The+O
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On The Origin Of Pokemon 2

Again a lot taken from bulbapedia.
Seriously though I'd love to see some comments!

In light of the Explosive success of
the previous one, I am making a
pokeamon origins 2.
translation: I' m REALLY bored)
Now, alot of fans like to say that Jynx was not
based on blackface, but the fact of the matter is,
she was. Japan adopted blackface as a cultural
style without understanding it' s racist implications.
Jynx is simply based on a popular type of makeup
style and is supposed to depict a caricature
of a beautiful woman
However after much protest from the American
community, who understood the origin, Jynx was
changed from black to purple. Afterwards she was
promptly forgotten.
Now this is a fairly simple comparison, the
pokeamon is wooper and the animal is a comon
Japanese pet called a "wooper Cooper". It' s real
name is axolotl. Now we all know that evolution
doesn' t really happen in real life like it does in
pokeamon, in reality it is a very different proccess.
The more similiar process is metamorphosis. But
you know how some pokeamon only evolve under
specific circumstances (onyx, graveler) wouldn' t it
be cool if that was how it worked with
metamorphosis? With this little guy it is, in this
form ,unlike most infant forms, he can breed and
live his life nunnally. Infact in this form he can
regenerate any lost part of his body if it is lost. But
when exposed to iodine, it transom's into a land
salamander, that can' t regenerate, and has a
shorter life span.
Now these guys are painfully obvious, but I have a
point to make here. You see when pokeamon was
beta tested alot of the testers didn' t understand
how evolving worked. So the creators implemented
these uavs. thev made them look like a form of
metamorphosis that we are all familiar with, a
caterpillar becoming a butterfly. They also gave
them a low level to evolve so that we would be
forced to see it happen. In other games where they
had weedle, kakuna and beedrill, they did the same
thing. Just with a less recognizable metamorphosis.
Well thats all for now, but if you liked it subscribe
and I will make more soon'.
Also please comment, whether you liked it or not I
would really like your feedback.
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Submitted: 04/30/2011
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