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The Saw Challenge Part 5 READ DESCRIP

Hello, Funnyjunk. Concealed within this posts description
is the link to the Saw Challenges Parts 1, 2, 3, 8, 4. If you
have not done the first three, than you have 60 seconds to
do so before your computer explodes. If you have,
however, ignore this message. Let the games begin.
Saw Challenge Parta Results
Arnold knows that you saved his life, so
he chops off one of his arms, leaving only his other arm
for masturbation. You are released from the chains and
you move on to the next room. ALIVE.
Arnolds no stranger to slapping a bitch
or two. Without hesitation he hits you and you pass out.
He gets the gas mask and lives, while you lay on the floor
passed out. You die. Should have trusted him...
Next Room (For Those Survivors)
You and Arnold step into the next room. Before even
noticing the TV, you see a shadow figure across the room.
You wait for the TV though. The TV turns on and once
again, there is the puppet. He speaks to you. "Hello
Community and Arnold. I' m glad you were able to make it
this far. Across the room is someone that everyone knows
on . Lately, not for fame, but for infamy. It is in fact,
magnet. magnet is chained to a post. If you haven' t
noticed, there are 12 Starved German Shepherds scattered
across the room in cages. After 1 minute, these dogs will
be released to eat magnet. You have the tools to stop it,
however, the risk is dangerous. What you must do is
simply unlock the lock with a key that' s been in your
pocket the entire game. You haven' t noticed, well, this is
your chance to use it. Just simply unlock the lock. And
the risk being just letting him out in general. Magnet is
hated so much right now for his shitty comics and
comment reposting. Maybe doesn' t want him? But you
know that' s against your heart. You must decide. Will you
let this fag live and risk something that you know your
brethren might hate you for, or will you let 12 German
Shepherds eat tonight. The decision is yours."
Save one of ' s
most hated fags. Leave that fag
for the dogs.
i?. C:. i' i.' s), for the mass message when future
content comes out.
for more.
Btw, I love you all more than you can imagine
Deds go to arnoldbusk and Charlie Sheen.
P. S. - Read description in future for links to next parts.
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