On The Origin Of Pokemon. Most of this is from Bulbapedia, just trying to give credit. www.funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/2053646/On+The+Origin+Of+Pokemon+2/. Yah origin Pokemon backround evolution
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On The Origin Of Pokemon

Yah yah yah, we all like pokeamon, but do you know
how the creators come up with ideas for the pokeamon?
Alot of them are based on real animals or Japanese legends.
You may know some or all of these,
but others may not so please be nice.
Let' s start with a fairly obvious one.
Lanturn is clearly a more child friendly angler fish, but
something that slightly less of you may realize is that chinchou
isn' t a young angler. its the adult male! The male angler fish is
smaller weaker and can barely keep itself alive for a few days, all
it knows to do is find a female, but when it does its absorbed
into the female and destroyed except to the testicles. Those are
used so the female can basicly **** itself. So chinchou is
basicly... lanturns nutsack.
What about this little ****** , farfetch' d. Barely remember him you
say? Useless as **** you say? (not talking to the 20 or so of you that
leveled him to 100 and think hes awesome) Well this was done on
purpose becuase of an old Japanese saying. "a duck comes bearing
green onions". This saying comes from duck and green onions being
the most important ingredients in a good old fasion japanese duck
soup. So finding a duck carrying green onions would be a unlocked
for, but convenient experience. Later this phrase was used to meen
someone who walks naively toward a stupid decision (That duck is
gonna ******* die). So do you remember how you got him? That boy
only wanted a common spearow for this extremely rare creature. At
first you think that you got a really good deal. But then you realize
that he is weak and doesn' t evolve, while that spearow could have
become a powerful fearow.
How about paras and parasect? look like some bugs with
mushrooms on it' s ass. But its a little more when you look at the
origin. Actually the interesting part here isn' t the bug, but the
mushroom. This mushroom is based on a deadly fungus that is
mainly seen in ants. At first it is pretty harmless, it gets into the non
vital tissues, even strengthening the ant. But once it reaches it' s final
stage it changes, it starts spreading to the external part of the body
and releases spores to infect other ants in the colony. But thats not
the scary part, it actually spreads to the brain and takes control of
the ant' s body, it then takes the ant to the top of a flower or tall
blade of grass and tells it to latch on with it' s jaws. At this point it
quickly ends the ant' s life and sprouts mushrooms, these
mushrooms then release more spores, aided by the elevation.
When you look at parakeets info text, it will say (depending on the
game) something like this, "The bug host is drained of energy by the
mushrooms on its back. They appear to do all the thinking", so
evolving your paras, is allowing a violent parasite to take
over it' s mind.
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Number 2 in the description.
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so thats why parasect has white eyes and no pupils..! crazy stuff!
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