An old repost. It's a repost, wanna fight about it?. Pic So, you' re in love with one of year Meade, but we hat a boyfriend and probabily have we with you anywa An old repost It's a wanna fight about it? Pic So you' re in love with one of year Meade but we hat boyfriend and probabily have you anywa
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An old repost

An old repost. It's a repost, wanna fight about it?. Pic So, you' re in love with one of year Meade, but we hat a boyfriend and probabily have we with you anywa

It's a repost, wanna fight about it?

So, you' re in love with one of year Meade, but we hat a boyfriend and probabily have we with you
What you will need: I x knife. 1 x ting. accede to a waited. the ability to grow a beard.
Step One: Piece the ring on your wedding finger and avoid cement with your friend for a month.
Step Two: Step abhorring and we the sunbed tn gain a tee.
Will countinue. duet
Step Three: Met a month when wet beard is tell and uneaten "re noticeable, remove the ring from your linger.
Step Four: Retrieve all your clother and bleat: into your fained' e .
Step Fire: the the knife in cut your body in venue places. Aeneid the face. , thee on your back. The more blood the better.
Step Six: Enter your bedroom and lie face down on the freer. Wait fer her mum.
Cl Anonynnose . : tif? hatt.
Step Seven: Wheat we mutate the meet pretend In he . Alma her tn tum you ever and try in wake you fer a few seconde tafara you were
your eyee- The injuried to your body will were en a to your . She will he more concerned about your withing intened of tearing
the naked man in her mam.
Step Eight: When she asks you mate happened we thneed fingre her , instead we must ant cencered end ask the data. if it' s September
15th ehe will eay ‘September 15th‘ to which we meet reply 'No, what year is it?'
Step Nine: Upon hearing the year eay the mm It worl: ed.' Pretend to teen again fer a few seconde, implying that whatever it is that has
tent: a great wart.
Step Ten: tweet friend in a seriose ayreon she will probably eel: #Vhil ", even Ewe done: n' t eel: Ihis Venetian it is that you new eey
the Retrds ‘finned Friend' s Name). I' m hem the future‘ in year meet deadpan voice.
Step Eleven: Pause haten facende in : situating tn sink in.. There will be no mean fer her tn deem your claim. became
wet beard will who we appear many were elder and wet cute would add weight to the idea that we' come item a future where a
war is currently taking place.
Step Twelve: Renee your left hand to gner face. All we very , en Tour friend wilt immediately entice the termed en gner wedding (, If
we is educated to a decent standard aha will teatime that we are married and your ring he simply disappeared, becauae clothing and ether heme
cannot travel threeoh time. ‘feet nudity will support this
Step Thirteen: New cornea the hand pan . The . in your ewe werde we meet give a ipatch in which we mention all tray pointe:
at the are quarried tn each ether in the future
he Her current boyfirend in new
c) The weed is coming to an end. " up to we tn pick a reeson. but recommend a war against machines. This icehole situating will be backed up
by the Denominator franchise
rt] In the future wet is net going well
at 1% hrt come bent: in time becauae you earn been but feet that ehe would have been happier with her current bnyk' riend if he hadnt been killed
Her current boyfriend is going to be hit by a we on a day six New her pregant. She would s' testt him going In were that any
trl Item done attach what we ea we current vaction of be amend and we will never get married. Item Venetians thie new in your time
travel Mic. because we canned change the past. simply reference Each tn the Future
Sterp Fourteen: Unless your Friend in made of stone we will new be by emotion. repeadetly at your - that to your feet and go to
kiss her goodbye- It he important that we do this with the of a men we has done this In her many timee.
Step Fifteen: There is new no portible way that yen areal about tn have em: with her. We' re naked, kissing her. in her bedroom, agreeing to erase e
remap of history to make her happy. And w for at we weave you' had we many Aimee in a future that will no longer happen, " we
mines in maybe eha ahnold have one memory nth.
Step Sixteen: After hating the Stilt. ask In hwvrnw mime then leave.
were Seventeen; Shermie " your been and new wet wedding anger in tetra tan. can on an it nothing bee happened. There will be than
I) Oaring the ear: entree twinge that she didnt know meted are awakened and we will leave her boyfriend for we.
it Life will new an w normal.
3) We will be tilted with guilt becauae nither metal grey area were we amnt entirely aere ifthat we' done counte w enma kind level rape-
You will latte wet own the by hanging, overdone or went .
Prove me wrong.
Cl Deluge 5: 15: 14 hloy. t%
The anon a evil
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That's just crazy enough to work....
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