we called it from the beginning. source: www.nydailynews.com/gossip/2010/02/14/2010-02-14_twilight_star_robert_pattinson_hates_vaginas_but_loves_his_dog.html. A Robert Pattinson alergic vaginas twilight
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we called it from the beginning

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Twilight' star Robert Pattinson is
allergic' to one part of the female
anatomy but loves his dog
BY so /, 4 ROBERTS
Details Magazine
Robert Pattenson appears in a photo shoot surrounded by women for Details Magazine.
His vampire alter ego mail be prince
charming, but "Twilight" star Robert
Pattinson does not worship women in
quite the same wail.
In fact, he is downright repulsed by some
In a new interview with Details magazine,
in which Pattinson was photographed with
several female models, the
British actor reveals why the shoot wasnt
exactly his cup ofter.
l really hate vaginas. I' m
vagina," he tells Details. " cant saw
had no idea, because it was a
shoot, so Wu kind the picture that
these women are going to stay naked after,
like, tne oral: hours."
Pattinson sails he was thankful he was
hungover during the ordeal, presumably Twilight' star Robert Pattenson in a portrait for
because he had an excuse for not Details Magazine. CLICK PHOTO for more of
conversing with the models. film' s sexiest ea moires.
He did, however, take solace in the fuckthat
the shoot wasnt overly pornographic, RELATED NEWS
comparing its style to that advantage
pornography. E ARTICLES
Twilight and 'Harry Potter' stars
Woo look at porn in, like, the eighties,
there was something kind about
it, quite sweet- like this little naked
community," Pattinson tells the magazine.
team up for new supernatural thriller
Robert Pattinson has hot date with
five alderwomen - as compost on
The people who made unliked it, they had The mew .
respectful it. Not remotely like the porn Ashley (?rane Viagra nothing but
thats available now... lfs just everything, body paint In sexy new ad
everywhere."" Robert Pattinson and Kristen
Stewart on romantic island getaway
His aversion to contemporary porn aside,
Pattinson does devote much brain
power's women. According to Details, he
talked during the interview about, "Jim Hendrix, French fries, girls, art, beer, his cousin
the philosopher, girls, truth, God, his dog, girls..."
Though he seems to have the female species firmly on the brain, F' atkinson' s strongest
relationship is with another species entirely.
The only emotional connection of relevance is with my dog," he tells Details. "My
relationship with my dog, its ridiculous."
At least his tween fans have nothing to be jealous of.
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#1 - GrammerNazi
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(02/14/2010) [-]
this is legit too, i saw it earlier on google news
User avatar #5 - DesireBros
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(02/15/2010) [-]
This mother ****** don't like Hendrix!?... He dies tonight
#6 to #5 - anon id: 1d3998a8
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(02/15/2010) [-]
He talked "about." Means he likes it, l2read noob.
User avatar #4 - Chocoburr
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(02/15/2010) [-]
I knew it....
#3 - anon id: e3ab2675
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(02/14/2010) [-]
If he's allergic to vaginas, and allergies make you swell......
Somebody really doesn't get veiled humor.

Also, he is a fag.
User avatar #2 - ginja
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(02/14/2010) [-]
hes not alergic, he just prefers cock