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The best Dragonball Z attacks final

The best Dragonball Z attacks Final
There are two attacks that I could not decide between for
the #2 spot so I made a and a .
Piccolo' s Special Beam Cannon
This attack ranks in at number 2 because of how epic it is.
Piccolo was able to kill 2... count it... 2 Saiyans in one attack.
Piccolo charged up and fired it while fighting Raditz on
planet Earth in the first Dragonball E series. This technique
was able to not only kill Raditz, but also killed Goku who
was holding Raditz still. Many fighters died trying to kill I
Saiyan, and Piccolo was able to kill 2 with just the Special
Beam Cannon, which is why I have ranked it this high.
Trunks' s Slash attack Vs Frieza
The first time we meet Trunks in the Dragonball E series is
when Mecha Frieza and King Cold show up on Earth to
exact revenge on Goku and his friends for Frieza' s defeat on
Namek. Goku had not made it back to Earth yet when they
arrive, but Trunks arrived from the future and annihilated
them. Trunks slash attack cut Frieza into a dozen pieces, and
then he fired an energy attack that vaporized Frieza' s
remains. Goku fought a long and hard battle against Frieza,
and Trunks was able to kill him very easily with this slash
attack, which is why I have put it at number 2.
1. Gohan' s Fatherhood Kamehameha
The Fatherhood Kamehameha gets the number I spot
because it was the most epic attack used in Dragonball Z.
After Gohan finally achieved Super Saiyan 2 he battled Cell.
Cell attempted to blow up the Earth and Goku teleported
him and Cell to King Ki' s planet where they were all killed
instantly. Cell however survived and teleported back to
Earth stronger than ever. Gohan injured himself to save
Vegeta, but was able to gather his strength and perform a
one armed Kamehameha Wave, and using the strength of his
recently deceased father Gohan obliterated Cell at a
molecular level, thus ending his rampage.
This attack ranks in the top 3 most epic moments in
Dragonball E and deserves this top ranking.
I have really enjoyed making these compilations and I am
definitely open to debate ifyou don' t agree with my placing of
certain attacks. I have left offal few that people have
mentioned because this was a Dragonball E attack list, not
Thanks for the support, and let me know if there is something
else from Dragonball E I should make a compilation out of.
Deds go to for guessing
the number I attack
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