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User avatar #160 - DaGrammarNazi (02/13/2010) [-]
I don't see any sammiches on there.
User avatar #166 to #160 - GrammarOne (02/13/2010) [-]
Good sir, I do believe your name is improperly spelled. It should be spelled as "TheGrammarNazi" not "DaGrammarNazi"
Also, you have a good point about the sammiches.
#169 to #166 - anonymous (02/13/2010) [-]
Good sir, I simply wanted to point out that I am currently ******* your Mother. Yes I am a "Bastard" but I don't care.
By the way I am a test tube baby and I have no mother.
User avatar #172 to #169 - GrammarOne (02/13/2010) [-]
My good anonymous friend, I am currently having sexual intercourse with the test tube from which you were born.
#176 to #172 - anonymous (02/13/2010) [-]
pics or it didnt happen
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